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On a more serious note....


I know I usually post fun stuff and layouts and I'm my usual snarky-self, but at my Daddy's request I am posting something for you to check out or more of to just spread the word. This is something that hits close to home for me b/c my dad is directly affected by this, chances are you may know someone too. This is an organization for Vietnam Veterans honoring men and women affected by exposure to Agent Orange. 

This just isn't for my dad that I posted this, I'm posting it for anyone who is suffering in silence or who is no longer suffering the effects of this horrible thing. I believe strongly in our country and our freedom and I have great resepct for those who give their lives and those who are sacrificing their safety and comfort for us at this very moment.

My Grandpa Gardner fought in WWII, my Uncle John was in Germany, my Daddy, Dennis fought in Vietnam as did my neighbor CJ, who is very much like family to me, my Father in Law Russ was in Korea, my Brother in Law Kevin fought in the Persian Gulf War and my Cousin Scott fought in The Persian Gulf War and again in 2003 at the start of the War with Iraq....and I suspect that won't be the end of military honor in our family.

My dad is a wonderful man - he's funny, full of character, handsome, caring, driven, loyal and spent his life working hard so that I wouldn't go without. What I didn't know is that he was suffering, he didn't even know he was wasn't until recently that he FINALLY sought help. My dad is a Vietnam Vet, a lot of people are, but a lot of people don't realize that they have health problems as a direct result of being exposed to Agent Orange. This site is a wonderful site for infomation, how other vets can seek out help they need or just find someone to talk to....sometimes that's all you need.

I encourage you to check it out, or pass it onto someone who served in Vietnam who may not be aware of it.

You can find my dad on page 6 of the many honored so far.

Specialist E-5 Dennis J. Gardner U.S. Army #167-06

Patrick's 1st Picture Day Pictures......

*SIGH* Patrick had his 1st school pictures today.....I can't believe how much he's grown. It makes me happy and sad at the same time, I didn't "see" it until after I uploaded the photos and really loked at them. Just wanted to share a pre-picture day picture.....Patrick informed me that he didn't have his sweater on for pictures so we'll see how they turn out, I got the, "But I was just too hot Momma!".......*rolling eyes*


no crunchy leaves today....

Just soggy wet ones.....blah......just enjoying Herb the Herbivore.......Sesame Street Dino.....anyways here's some pics of Divine Miss and Grandmaster P who has informed me that he is going to be a "Football Kicker" like his cousin Brian, who plays for Albion, when he grows up.......Patrick also added that he is also going to be Batman -- but only at night.

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have you missed me?

i hope that everything is going well with all of you, we've been more than slightly busy, nothing new here...and we've been the House of Ill ---{going on a few weeks steady now, it's been fun *insert eye roll*}---  it would seem that along with all the great things we're learning in preschool, the ultimate consequence is i can no longer furiously filter germs from my house and my children....what a bitter battle this will be for me the germ-a-phobe....other than that it's the same-ol', same ol' of fighting over a particular toy, as it happens right now to be a beloved mini-superman flashlight that came with the batteries daddy purchased the other night.  this month is filled with celebration and mommy's birthday, my beloved sister in law Kristy and partner in crime sister in law Alicia, my cutie patootie nephew Adaminski, my cousin who is one of my FAVORITE people on this whole entire earth Scott, my Angel Grace turns 12 this year and is fast approaching doggy senility but i will forever love her even in her grouchy old lady days to come, I TURN the BIG 3-0 ---{which I didn't think would effect me, but now has turned into a constant panic obsession}---- and finally my crazy brother in law who i love dearly, also is a time for  me to remember my Grandpa who was maybe of the brightest light in my life, he forever embraces my heart and I miss him nearly every day, but I can finally smile when I think of him and tears do not follow........enough mushiness, i hope you are all enjoying the fall weather which is my most favorite time of year, with that being saidget up and get out and enjoy the crunchy noise of leaves beneath your feet and smell that yummy fall air full of the magic that is sure to follow...... finally, please support my friends and I and:

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