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I just saw that I got tagged!

My first tag! Yay!

a cool valentines meme
Valentines Day. Celebrate or Not? Yes, but in a small way, we want to teach Patrick and Mackenzie to love and cherish everyday, not just on a marked day.

  1. Most Romantic Gift Received? I really don't know, Karl does lots of fun things all year round so I can't narrow it down to just one.
  2. Worst Date? I can't remember, it's been a long time since I dated. :-)
  3. If you could tell your significant other what you would really like for Valentines Day, what would you tell him/her? Daisies, and maybe a nap :-)
  4. Complete this sentence. "Love means never having to say ________________" anything that you can't take back
  5. Best chocolate? milk chocolate
  6. Dream Valentines' Menu? Lobster
  7. Most Romantic Movie? What Dreams May Come
  8. If you had a Conversation Heart that said how you were feeling right now, it would say ___________. Lucky
  9. Pink or Red? Pink, hands down

Irving Berlin couldn't have said it better....

Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow -
It won't be long before we'll all be there  with snow;
Snow, snow, I wanna wash my hands, my face and hair with snow.
Snow...I long to clear a path, and lift a  spade of snow;
Snow,  oh, to see a great big man entirely made of snow.

I'm probably the only person I know right now who wants a lot of snow.  I have no pictures of the kids playing in the snow this year --- and it's been way too cold to go outside, I hope that we have lots of fun, wet snow so we can build a snowman...spring will be here before we know it, which I am looking forward too, but I would love to have some good snow.

It's been pretty much too cold to do anything around here...but we're managing to keep ourselves entertained. Paddy and Mack have been cooped up and you can tell, but soon enough they'll be running around outside in the sunshine. Here's a picture or two. Have a great day!

100_2556 100_2564