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How's life been?

Hope that everyone is doing good! Things have been hectic and *funky* around here --- and I don't mean like smelly cheese you find in the fridge! I mean like it's been hard finding a routine, but it's getting a little easier everyday - we've decided to plant a tree for Angel-girl, kind of a nice closure for everyone, something graceful and happy like she was.

In other news, the kidlets are doing good --- full of the exuberance that spirng seems to bring with it, extra craziness.....we're trying to convince P to take off his training wheels this year, but he's not quite ready, but you should see that bike lean --- he may not be ready - but his bike sure is....and of course Miss M is all about her Dora bike and finally is getting the gist of the pedals....maybe by the end of summer we'll make it around the block.

Life is just life in general, and that's perfectly ok.

Other big news -- we're planning our summer trip this year --- very cool stuff - we're driving out to see my Dad and Karl's brother Kevin and I finally get to hang out with some of my girls. I am so excited too b/c we're going to go on the Grand Canyon Skywalk....well ok probably just my dad and me...but that's ok too.

Last but not least a fun FYI, check out the 2 Sassy Scrappers contest in honor of National Scrapbooking Day! The details are all right there for ya and Good Luck!

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in light of everything that has happened....

life must go on.....I am still overwhelmed with emotions and each day brings a different one and lack of routine and trying to get used to the emptiness is the hardest part, still looking for that sweet face at the top of the stairs when we return spite of that I still have deadlines and things promised to people - luckily I was able to put some of my emotions to good use. There are so many good things to share with you - like the GRAND OPENING of 2 Sassy Scrappers they are getting new stuff each and every day - so keep checking back -- they have lots of great grand opening specials too!

There's also the FABULOUS kit available at Cool Blue Scrapbook Store - there are only a few left - so get over there quick!

I've also been working on some special things for a friend who'sopening up her own store soon! I am so happy for her - she already knows that though!

It's been awhile since I shared anything - so here you go and thanks for looking.

One last thing, thank you to everyone who has showed us love and support over the last few weeks with Angel. It really has been appreciated and heartfelt.

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