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whadda you mean i have to post more than once a month.......

so i'm the poorest blogger evah right would be too with a stir crazy 4 year old who wants nothing to do with you and wants to be in kindergarten.......this is the longest summer of his life so far.....we've walked, we've played, we've played in the pool, we've worked on our workbooks, watched movies......i can't work miracles....or make time move faster......but he seems to think that i can and is vigilantly watching me to make it happen......or perhaps it's the almost 3 year old who is transitioning onto the next stage and is completely unsatisfied unless things are going her way --- and i s hardly afraid to let you know her distaste of the whole situation.........or maybe it's the crazy dog who i keep forgetting is a mere toddler right now....and seems to think that i am her play companion, when in fact i'm really trying to carry the laundry down the stairs and not so that she can try to blaze by me down the stairs hanging onto the shirt that's hanging lower than all the rest of the clothes........or maybe it's my husband who seems to think that i have nothing better to do than sit outside with him while he grills hotdogs and chicken breasts....or maybe it's just me -- and I've been un-inspired to do anything lately....there's been a lot going on and i am sure that's not going to change anytime soon......but that's ok!

be sure to hit all the cool places like CAFE PRIMA, COOL BLUE SCRAPBOOK STORE and 2 SASSY SCRAPPERS -- you'll find lots of great stuff, not to mention great inspiration and projects galore.

here are some things you might have missed, if you've checked it out already - sorry for the repeat, i promise to be a better blogger too....and some pics of the kiddos too -- they really are enjoying the summer despite my whining :-) nevermind all the cheesiness :-)


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