whadda you mean i have to post more than once a month.......

how's things?

so i guess i made it up when i said i would post more.....i'm classy like that......lots of things have been going on in our life, so that probably accounts for my absence......we're left feeling pretty deflated right now......we've been busy helping Karl's parents get ready for their next big adventure. a new house after so many years.....it's been fun to help them and see the transformation....knowing we'll see the before and after and that we helped them get there......Karl's family lost one of the best.....his Uncle Jerry died last week....it wasn't expected and it was all to quick and it's really ripped a hole in a lot of people, he was a GREAT man, a kind man, a man who would give you the shirt off his back.....then Karl lost his job....yep when it rains it pours......it's been pretty poopypants (as Mackenzie would say)......so we're just treading water right now, facing the next grand adventure that's in store for us.....and anticipating things like my Daddy's upcoming but totally routine surgery.....i know he will be ok, but i worry none the less, Paddy starts Kindergarten in like 4 weeks....it;s very bittersweet as i am excited for him and he's been driving me freakin' crazy all summer long, but at the same time...i have to let go of my baby, and i know i will feel like part of me is missing....luckily he's only going to school for half a day -- so i'll be ok and he'll be driving me crazy every afternoon.....there's just so much uncertainty right now and i am having a hard time dealing with it.....sorry for sounding a bit bitter....it's just a lot on the plate and a lot to worry about....anywho, i won't trouble any of you with it! i want you to be happy and enjoying the process/experience that is everyday life!

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Here are some of the things I've worked on recently, not my best....but i'm happy with them and can only hope my fabulous bosses are happy with them too!

100_3525 100_3526 100_3527 100_3528 100_3538 100_3539 100_3540 100_3544 100_3545