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busy, busy, busy.....

things have been so busy.......lots of new things happening and lots of the same old stuff too.

Patrick is loving kindergarten and he seems to be doing well. He's already changed so much.....I can hardly see the little boy he left behind on our doorstep. He has a few best friends......his best, best friend is Abby.....they are meant to be. They have a great dynamic and they get along so great.....then there's Savannah, she's the sweetest little girl ever....followed by Jack, Luke( Wuke), Connor (Con-nahd), Cortland and Gillian P......and OMGosh he's riding on two wheels!!!!


Mackenzie is our happy little (sometimes *insert eyeroll* -- she's Cybil most days) third wheel. She follows Patrick and Abby around and is content to just listen and watch....I am wondering how long that will last with the Divine Miss M......she's far too bossy and independent to be second string. We're going through a transition with her as well right now -- she's in a weird in between stage....fighting every step of the way to stay where she's at and then others days to get to that next level.


All of this craziness is ok though, it means they're changing and growing and while I miss my babies, I wouldn't want them to always be babies. :-)

Karl started his new job and it's pretty crazy, because even though it wasn't a big change, it's a big change. Clear as mud? Things are challenging, but not overwhelming and he is doing more than he did before. I think he likes it, I think he'll enjoy it more once he delves deeper into the reorganization.

My Daddy made it through a minor surgery with flying colors, so no worries there.

My Mom has a birthday coming up and I am excited about that. The kids and I are trying to plan something fun for her, we'll see how it works out.

In other non-essential news, I've been scrapping up a storm and trying to help Karl as much as I can with the ugly house transformation. It's sooooooo nice to have a husband who can do all the stuff he can do.

I am happy to announce I've been asked to stay on at 2 Sassy Scrappers, which is really fun. I am happy about that.

I recently had a layout picked up by ScrapStreet Magazine ( , my second time and it's an e-zine :-) ) and I was asked to be a Guest Designer for Scrapperie in an upcoming month. I am very happy to have all of this great news to share with you.

It wouldn't be a post without sharing some stuff with you so as always -- thanks SO MUCH for looking.  If you're looking for any of the stuff below, you can find it at Cafe Prima, Cool Blue Scrapbook Store or 2 Sassy Scrappers!!!!

I'm off like a prom-dress. :-)

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