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January 2008 yeah I'll be posting more.......sheesh!

here I am - no I did not disappear off the face of the earth -- although I could see it would seem that way. I cannot believe it's a already December....this year was so long, yet so fast! I am still reeling, feeling overwhelmed and hurried when all I really want to do is relish the holidays and the magic of the season.....we're trying to this year...I mean slow down and enjoy the holidays. Enough about that!

The kids are full of all this crazy energy and are so pumped for Christmas and visiting Santa....there is much fascination with The Nativity this year -- which makes me so happy -- and Patrick bless his wise, old soul has informed me that Christmas is "about family and being together!" have no idea how this warms my very being -- that my sensitive boy is smart enough to realize that Christmas isn't about the nice as they will be -- he knows that we need to give of ourselves and fill our hearts with love.

The dogs are -- well just down-right crazy! Meg is so full of life and energy and makes every day a challenge --- lately she's eaten a few crayons.....she seems to be drawn to reds and blues....she has also gotten into her food bag and had to be taken to the vet to make sure she was ok -- she couldn't eat until 5:00 pm the following day.......her ADORABLE-NESS makes all of this bearable.....Cinna takes all of this in stride and is now lucky enough to be "the good one" which she actually can see it in her beautiful face!

Mack is doing great -- she's recently started speaking in a time of course! She is so hilarious -- blurting out various 4 letter words occasionally and pointing with her middle finger....I know that's not something to be proud of -- but it definitely makes us laugh!

We've been really busy and really blessed! I so hope that you all have a wonderful holiday season full of magic and blessings you deserve too!