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I promise

to be a better blogger.

I've just been a mini-funk lately. Sorry for not keeping you updated on the homefront......not much has been going on except for illness....ear infections, sinus infections, lots-o-fun.......just been staying afloat through all of it. I haven't had a lot of extra time with all of the craziness -- Meg has been quite challengin say the least. Her latest antics include:  chewing on the dining room table, eating the carpet in our room upsatirs (like literally digging it up and chewing it), swiping full pieces of bread off the counter, eating 12 cups of food and not being allowed to eat until 5 pm the next day, chewing just about everything she can get her little teethers on, I think she may think her name is No-Meg or Stop it-Meg....even though she's done all of these horrific things......she gives lots of love and snuggles and she is simply adorable and it's hard to stay mad at her little mug! Sweet Cinna is just well sweet...she's so funny becasue she's trying to get away with little things because so much attention is focused on No-Meg. I let her win some of these small battles.....I know -- I'm the push over. They all know it -- and they all take advantage of it!

Patrick is doing pretty well despite his ear infection....that still has his right ear plugged right now. He's going through a transition of a new teacher. His beloved Mr. Nepa was offered a full tim teaching position, so he's giving Ms De Clerck a full try and he'll come around I'm sure. He said she does lots of fun stuff even if they still have homework. He's going to play tennis in the spring and take some KA-RA-TAY ( he loves to say it the Spongebob way). I am excited for him, he's way excited too!

Mackenzie -- where do I begin, lil' miss huffy.......she was at my mom's and she was in trouble for shredding the bottom of my mom's new chairs. Mack was in time out and trying to talk to my mom and my mom told her,"Mackenzie, I'm not talking to you right now, you're in trouble." Little Miss replied with: "I wasn't talking to you -- I am talking to myself!" She is quite a character,  unforgiving, spiteful, hilarious, beautiful and yet perfect in all her misgivings. I am just enjoying her developing character and trying to guide her into getting ready for preschool, I think she's more ready than I am. She's excited b/c she'll be in preschool with her friend Delaney.

I'll update with some pics soon....stuff I've been working on and the kiddos (all four of them!)