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i've been prompted to update.....

:0) Tabby...LOL! An update: for once --- knocking on wood here....everyone seems to be un-ill at the moment, as we have perpetually been ill since December.....our current challenge in life right now you ask? An almost 7 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback being the ultimate food a whole piece of toast from me yesterday....jumping up to eat some of the kiddos Chef-Boy cooking on the stovetop (short for Chef-Boyardee....apparently it's just too long to say the whole thing....they were so excited, good thing I happen to buy two cans, I rarely but it or let them eat it, so it was a big treat)....and then today eating 1/2 of my grilled cheese literally ai turned my back to grab a glass from the cupboard....needless to say Meg has had a host of obscenities thrown her way and thus furthering my bricks on my seat in I gave up swearing for's going well (wish I could insert an eyeroll here) and Meag is also spending lots of quality time being incarcerated....Patrick finally went back to school today.....he had last week off for mid-winter break and then 2 days off this week due to inclement weather..... though I missed him and sleeping in, I have to say the lack of calamity this morning was nice.....but we're back to full-tilt and thinga are nuts as usual this afternoon.....well I'm off to conquer the throes of the evil-pile-of-laundry monster, the ever-lasting-toy-pile-up-mountain that has made it's way into our family room and various other chores and fun things.

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Here's yesterday's challenge:


taking a few minutes from the FOOLISHNESS......

just popping in to let you know we're all still alive and well, that's debatable......Patrick has this week off it's been a LONG week already! Mackie has a sinus infection complete with a double ear infection to accompany needless to say that's been loads of fun........and i have a sinus infection as well and an allergic reaction to sulfa based i looked as if i had joan rivers lips for a few days.....gotta love MI weather...couple that with a totally nuts 6 month old puppy who only wants to run aroundand eat things that are not permitted and well...that's our house right now....poor cinna is the only normal character in our house!

a few things before i return to the madness :0)

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i know i haven't posted some pics in awhile so hear ya go!