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orderly chaos

that's right -- that pretty much describes my life right now....but that's ok I guess. Not much to update you on.....I'm excited b/c I am going to be able to finally have a designated scrap space -- a small one -- but I'll have one - so I've been searching for the organizational tools for this small space - b/c I think that will be the key. I've been busy working on projects too -- I'll be posting those too.

Patrick is testing for his yellow belt in two weeks! How exciting is that? I wasn't too excited about him taking Karate in the first place......for various reasons, but I've seen a change in him as the class has gone on.....he's a little more confident, he's always excited to go......and I think it's something he's really good at. As excruciating as it is to sit for 45 minutes with Mackenzie (if I could insert an eye roll here I would) -- I enjoy watching Patrick be a happy, healthy little boy. Miss Mack wants to take "nim-nastics" and go "balleting" so that's definitely something that we'll have to work on when we get to Tennessee......Patrick wants to continue with his Karate and "play a real sport too" -- he cracks me up, I'd like to see him say that to Mr. C who is a third degree black belt and could break a man's arm with his pinky.

Meg and Cinna continue to grow and blossom into beautiful, sweet babies that make me smile and complain :0) each day. They are just so awesome, I know I sound like a stoner-surfer, but really I can't describe them any other way. They just make me laugh and they are really part of our family and fit well as crazy as our dynamic is.

In other news, Karl's brother Kory is moving to Tennessee too.....he's going to working where Karl is -- which is great, b/c he's needs a life shake-up right now.

I hope everyone is enjoying their spring and loving the weather and all the great things that come with it!

wooowwwww so many things to update you on........

where do i begin?

we have a big announcement to make....some of you may know -- for the rest of you....well it's probably going to be a big surprise!  drum roll please........we're moving to TENNESEE y'all! ( I figure I have to get used to that sentiment -- so I'm trying it out periodically in a non-offensive way :0) ) this news has gotten many mixed reviews.....some good, some bad.....but everyone has well wishes for us.  the crazy process has already begun and we're moving forward -- before we know it -- we'll be's pretty overwhelming quite honestly, some of the changes we're making to get there have been very upsetting as well....not only for me, but for grandmaster p.....mack is ok -- she's young yet so she won't be as affected, but patrick was coming into his own and gaining confidence only to have to start all over again....but i know he'll be ok........things are hectic -- so that accounts for the lack of posts......but i promise to keep you updated.

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