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not much to report in the way of orderly chaos....

but that's pretty much where we're at and more......things are thundering to the finish line.....Paddy has KINDERGARTEN Graduation on June exciting is that?!?!?! soon he'll be a big 1st grader and i think i'll really miss him terribly!!!! we're packing up, cleaning out and getting rid of stuff......we're almost there. i'll be living on paper plates and sleeping on air mattresses soon seriously....all the furniture and everything will be going on June 9th and on it's way to TN........we'll have some tv's, food in the fridge and i think i'll invest in some cheap pool furniture for seating......we'll have the computer of course b/c i can't go that long without internet connection......karl and kory are furiously searching for some new surroundings -- we're looking for bigger living quarters for all of our sakes....and we're coming down to the final hour....that's kind of stressful but i have faith in them........lots and lots of craziness -- downright foolishness.......seriously. so i'll keep you posted on all the goings on and further craziness that ensues.... :0) 

sometimes friends are there for you in weird ways......

just wanted to pass along that sometimes friends are like that.....and it's not necessarily a bad thing....sometimes they see things you don't and they are meant to step in.....right the wrong and help you out in ways you didn't know you needed it.....that has been happening to me a lot lately....and well, i just wanted to thank those friends....ALL OF know who you are.......without you i'd be stuck in the weird limbo i've been in - i'd be treading water and feeling guilt and pain....and it took a little hurt and embarassment and some humility to realize this, but THANK YOU.

to not be such a debbie-downer -- as my friend debbie likes to call herself and makes me laugh b/c she is so far are some pics of stuff  i've been working or did work on.

hope this finds everyone well and doing a-ok.

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