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Wow.......where do I even begin?

FIRST OFF......HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR BABY-MEG! She's 1 today!!! Our crazy Nutmeggers! I can't believe we've made it....or rather that she has in all of her rough and tumble extreme puppy-dom!

So we're now that even a word? I dunno. It's been a weird, bizarre, at times comical and often sad process for me. I think everyone else is handling it much better than I am (even the dogs are having a better transition than me I think) -- anyhow, we're here now -- we're still situating things and getting everyone mom just moved down with us too. It's been great to have her, even in all our differences. Places we've ventured to so far include The Nashville Zoo, the public library, some of the shopping around here like Dillard's and Belks --- Dillard's is better if you're wondering, we watched the Nashville Fireworks, they were amazing - as much as I didn't want to go -- I enjoyed it (DON'T TELL KARL THOUGH), there's a lot more  to do I guess. The Nashville Symphony orchestra played during the fireworks, it was pretty impressive and Phil Vassar and Micheal McDonald also played before the fireworks began....which was super cool. I am finding my way slowly, it's just very empty because I miss looking out my front window and seeing my neighbor Annette's cutie-patootie dog Joe sitting in the front yard.....and talking on the phone with her for 3 hours even though we lived right across the street from each other. I miss looking out at Linda and Tim's stunning yard (seriously, they could be on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens)I miss the comfort of knowing that Paddy would've had a life long friend in Abby and Savannah. I miss sweet little Delainey and how she would hug me and not Karl! The group at Karl's work is pretty there's lots of people for me to "meet". I love that my first "Southern Hospitality" experience was with one of Karl's co-workers and his family....they are the kindest people ever and very funny too. I know I'll find friendship thank you Scott and Wendy and to all of your kidlets too! We are lucky to have Tie and Tony too.....they made the big move, just like we did and they are wonderful people. They have kiddos close to Patrick and Mackenzie's ages -- Paddy and Noah get along like they've been friends since birth......Mackie and Bella are trying really hard to get along -- but girls are girls and it'll take them some time I think, but they like each other -- they just both want to be the boss. 

Our move, was well -- National Lampoons. We set out to leave at 10 in the morning -- which turned into 2 was a comedy of errors right from the get go......right down to the truck arriving with a broken loading ramp.....and then trying to fit 2 1/2 houses of furniture into the truck --- which ended up in us renting a trailer to haul behind out Tahoe......our neighbors made us feel very much loved because they didn't want  us to leave. To me - that meant a lot - plus they were ragging on Karl and for those of you who know me, I love any extra ribbing that Karl gets because usually it's me. The ride down was pretty easy as far as the trip -- I had a hard time with all of the signage -- I felt that some of it should just be common sense and that -- pretty much if you had to put a sign up about it, then we're pretty much doomed......I laughed at some of the signs too --- like Big Bone Lick Lake......seriously and one of the water towers in Kentucky that simply says: Florence Y'all. And how could I forget to Kentucky we're driving along and I look over and, "Ohmigod -- Karl look..." comes out of my mouth because -- I KID YOU NOT -- next to us two lanes over is a red-headed kid (looks exactly like the red-headed guy in "The 'Burbs" that falls in the dog poop in the end) -- and he's picking his nose -- and I don't mean the little clean the rime of your nose flick -- I mean like 2 knuckles up digging for gold --- and so what does Karl do? HE HONKS until the kid looks over and then laughs and points at him......seriously -- I was MORTIFIED.There are many biblical road signs too --- for instance - the one with most of the commandments -- just in case you may forget not to steal or kill or lie.......and my favorite was the if the world ended you know where you'd end up? billboard --- and you thought us Catholics were the Guilt-Riddlers of the religious world! Other crazy things down here that would be extremely foreign to those of you who are Michi-ganders reading billboards with wanted convicts on them.....bail-bond billboards ALL OVER the place.....schools that 5-6 first grade classes.......I'm so scared for Paddy!.....everyone is pretty polite -- random people strike up conversations with you in the parking lot (that was a terrifying first experience for me --- I know you're laughing at me right now Todd, Annette and Debbie) --'ll see a lot of jean shorts/skirts with high heels --- like red Kellie Pickler high heels......but the lady had the goods so she totally carried it's pretty crazy around here -- I'm still in culture shock...I had an old couple hold the door for me, and I said,"I'm supposed to be holding the door for you!" and they said....of course, "Y'all aren't from around here, are you dahlin'? Welcome to the South....." as they held the door for me. No, I have not said "y'all" yet, but I fear it's coming within the next year or so. I could bore you with more "discoveries" -- but I won't! I just wanted to update YOU ALL (see that, no y'all) --- and let you know we're still alive, no one has assaulted anyone in the House of Strange Evolution -- that's what I've deemed it as of right everyone is cohabitating ok --- although there have been many tense moments and tears and yelling........I am sure there will be more.

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Here are some pics of our adventures in Tennessee -- so you can put some pics with descriptions:


The "broken ramp"


Karl annoyedly looking for the number to call and remedy the broken ramp.


Kory driving "THE BIG TRUCK"


1 of those many signs --- that I swear should just be common sense.


You thought I made it up didn't you?


Patrick's room -- he loves the door.....things have been known to fall out of mid-air and there's no-one to admit to it....big surprise, right?


Daddy's big surprise for the kiddos! Patrick was so excited, Mackie, not so much.


The Zoo -- and they have elephants! So fun! The zoo is super cool!