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Updates, Updates, Updates......

So here's a update for all of you Morgan fans out there --- on our home front -- things have been colorful, challenging and interesting to say the least. We've been shuffling along here in the hot-as-h-e-double hockey sticks Tennessee and with no relief in sight.......apparently it NEVER RAINS in good ol' Tennessee -- no seriously --- it's been like 18 days with no rain.......and that makes for a grouchy me -- for those of you that know me, you know I like a cloudy, rainy day -- the beautiful sun is much too bright for vampiric, hermit me! Ok so as if that wasn't the longest run-on sentence ever........continuing on:

If you didn't know -- your very dear Paddy-Boy had a fight with a wall and sadly, I really couldn't tell you who actually won that battle...I'd like to say the wall -- but wait until you see the pictures:


Here's Patrick with his Frankenstein stitches.....we've tried to convince him that would be the perfect costume for Halloween, but he insists on being a Star Wars character or the Black Power Ranger from Operation Overdrive.


And here we have the wall, who I feel was not given proper medical attention.......

Paddy has since healed and is sporting a "chicks dig it" scar......he has started first grade and is loving it at St Rose's.  He is however, not too happy about having to wear and "UGLY BROWN BELT" each day.......and "WHITE TENNIS SHOES THAT I DIDN'T WANT, BUT DAD MADE ME GET THEM ANYWAYS!" -- always something -- always comical though, so it makes it ok in my book.......and Mack started school as well...she is "ONLY GOING TWO DAYS, HA! HA! AND PATRICK HAS TO GO EVERY DAY!" -- this somehow softens the blow -- and makes it tolerable that she is detached from my hip for 2 days a week. Don't let my sarcasm fool you - I miss them both blind.....I thought it would be so easy to let go of Patrick, because he had already done the whole Kindergarten thing, but it's strangely empty in our house in the afternoon.


Never mind the sullen expression.......he's mad because he didn't want to wear his new shoes that Ba got him because they were for "PANTS ONLY!" and he was mad that we didn't get his new tennis shoes in time for he squeezed his size 12.5 feet into a pair of shoes (SIZE 11's) bought for him last year by my Dad and Vicki --- and that was that.


See the cool scar? There it is -- forever and ever -- all because of a wall and a Power Rangers commercial. See how pitiful his feet look with those too small shoes on?


This is his desk in his classroom, he loves that he has his desk so close to the books behind him. :0)


Miss Mack was so excited to start school and here she is in her uniform and her SUPA-COOL lunchbox....which of course only contained a peanut-butter sandwich and Cheetos.

She was pretty irritated with her teachers because -- there is no choclate milk at preschool...and she had to drink white milk....which for her highness, was just not acceptable. I can only hope that she will continue to tolerate, the yucky, icky white milk......for her sakes, my sake and her teachers' sakes as well.

Karl's plugging along at work, he's working on some pretty exciting projects and he continues to come home happy each day and so that's the best I could hope for.

The crazy-dogs went to the dog park here....the picture pretty much says it all.....our lazy dogs had a half mile walk to get to the D-Park and this is what they did when they got there......



And last but not least, there's me.....I've been working on a few things, some of them -- I really like how they turned out.....others, as my friend Jane would put it, "NOT SO MUCH".....speaking of JANE, if you're reading this I don't have your email address -- and I need it so I can email you!!! :0)

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This layout was for a challenge "ONLY IN" at JOURNALING JUNKIE -- which seriously, is such a great place if you're needing many talented girls....CHECK IT OUT!

The in Stitches was a layout I did just for fun, (IMAGINE THAT!) and the napkin rings and place cards were for a COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS CROP over at MOMENTS2REMEMBER!




Woot! Woot!

I 've been asked to join the journaling junkie design team! Thank you Stefanie for welcoming me and I look forward to working with you and all of the other talented girls on the Design Team!

Here's a layout I recently did to complete the challenge going on right now (it's CHALLENGE 30 on the left sidebar) :


The journaling reads: we call it mack-a-nese at our house -- almost daily, new words are created by mackenzie and strangely enough, we find ourselves adding these words to our own vocabulary -- with a laugh to go along because it's funny.

some mack-a-nese explained:

(these are the most common and most loved)

darn-it balls = barnacles(from Spongebob)

gotfor = forgot

can't know how = i don't want to

crouton = fouton

shampoop = shampoo

cuzso = because

the puter = computer games

As always thanks so much for looking and I am glad to share these things with all of you!

Moments 2 Remember --

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Here's what I created with it:

Dsc_2120 Dsc_2116