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I hope everyone had a great holiday! Warm wishes to all of you and a bloggy update.....

so here we are.....another year almost over, and it feels really strange - at least to me, i wasn't quite ready for 2008 to end so soon, but here it is. i hope everyone had a safe, happy holiday and you'll ring in the new year happy, healthy and safe too.

patrick and mackenzie had a great Christmas and they enjoyed the day in their pajamas.....which is perfectly fine with me -- they are still basking in the afterglow of all their fun gifts, trying to cram them all into one day ---even though we have a whole week of vacation to keep busy and work on all our crafty stuff and knick knacks......without them, i think there would have been no magic these's so bizarre to me -- today as i type this we have the windows open in our's going to be 72 here today and i just can't get used to it, we went to watch the RED WINGS vs. the predators last night and again it was so comforting to see them skate out onto the ice....i felt overjoyed -- even though they lost and the preds fans pale in comparison to HOCKEYTOWN, it was a fun experience, it was good to piss off the row in front of me as i screamed my head off for the WINGS.....sorry if this seems all scattered -- i just feel scattered right now, trying to get used to my sinuses adjusting every two days to the bizarre, extreme, constant climate change here in TN.....perhaps i should've posted when i was in a more upbeat mood......enjoy your new year, know we're thinking of ou and sending our love to you's a few pictures b/c you know i can't post without sharing pictures.....i'll probably see you in the new year!

here's a picture of the kiddos trip to Santa:


I'll update with some scrappy stuff when typepad is acting so wonky.... :0)