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That's currently how things feel like they're going -- even if I've had moments of joy -- Patrick's teacher and I discussed that and she was very insightful and made me feel a little better......I feel like I haven't sat down since mom moved back to MI -- and well it sucks. I miss her -- she's misses us -- it's very frustrating and sad......Idon't really have words -- there's been so many WORDS flying around our house --- there's been so many conversations and "talks" that I'm kind of done talking for right now -- it's hard for me to talk without getting upset so I've decided that right now -- I'm just not going to.

On the happier side of the street -- we're going to visit my Dad and Vicki in March -- so that will be very fun -- I'm very much looking forward to it -- it's just me and the kids and well at this point -- feeling that I need a break -- it can't come fast enough for me.

Patrick got his second PERFECT REPORT CARD in a row -- I'm so happy and proud of him -- he's trying so hard -- and it's paying off -- he is right in the thick of things with his work, his friends, his life -- it's nce to feel like I've done some things right for a WOO HOO P!

Mackenzie -- what can we say about crazy Mackenzie? She's very bossy, contrary and is the self-declared QUEEN of our house at the moment.....but I couldn't imagine her being any other way......even if somedays I want to run from the house screaming and tearing my hair out because she has whined for the 349, 765th time that day about whatever randomness is bugging her!

Crazy dogs, are still crazy, loveable, sweet, smelly - in need of bathing, and wonderfully crazy!

I hope that all is well with all of you,  my faithful readers....all 2 of you, HA! Here's a few pics and I'll be back sooner than later to update you on more craziness and foolishness that is our household!