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We have entered a small business contest through Intuit (creator of financial software and tools)...PLEASE vote for us!  The link is below.  You may have to register to vote, but it's free and easy!  Then.....Just click on inspring or useful to vote! 

And, as a thank, then post a comment on the contest website...once completed...copy and paste the comment in an email to :   as a thank you...we will send you a FREE 4 x 4 mini-book!  Be sure to include your site comment and mailing address in the email.
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no ga-news is good ga-news......

sometimes....but in our case it was really just a big the midst of it all there has been more GOOD to outweigh the bad....which is extremely uplifting.....the BAD *boo, hisss!*: Karl lost his job with GPJ -- yep, that was fun -- and so that's been weighing heavy on everyone's shoulders.....right down to's been heavy and downtrodden.....but always keeping the faith....we knew that it would all work out whatever way it's supposed to.....and well it kind of has.....and so that's OK...we're going to get through it, we've made it through so much already, things I thought we'd never get through,  and I have to say that I feel that I've transformed in the last 9 months....the biggest happiness in our lives is St. Rose....9 months ago -- I would've said it was hokey, dorky, lame, people putting on airs.....but my experience with this great group of people has literally changed me as a person....I feel St. Rose was the best thing that could happen for our family....HE has shown me in so many ways in the last 9 months -- that HE does in fact hear me and HE is listening! I can't describe makes everything bad that is happening right now, seem not so bad! SOMETHING GOOD? I was asked to join the Genuinely Jane Design Team.....I think that I'll be a good fit and I am thankful!

I wanted to share this layout with you -- it was for Journaling Junkie -- which if you haven't checked out lately, you should -- lot's-o-great inspiration going on there!