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enough said....

MAKE SURE YOU THANK THE VETERANS or ACTIVE DUTY MEN AND WOMEN IN YOUR LIFE TODAY, and REMEMBER THOSE THAT GAVE THEIR LIVES FOR US. Thank you to my Daddy, my cousin Scott, my brother in law Kevin, my father in law Russ, my Grandpa Gardner and my Uncle John. Thank you also to all my friends who are military and their wives and families.

wow.....are you still there?

or rather is it maybe.....hey shannon...are you still there? holy cow -- what a bad blogger i am -- i can't believe it, well i can.....but i guess it helps that i have a very good explanation for my absent or maybe better absent-minded-ness..... or is it madness? so yeah. i have lots of things to share and lots of things to vent about, but i'll spare you those angry ramblings and focus on things that are more positive, like pad's awesome report card.....losing his first tooth.....this was supa fantastic for everyone! we were supa excited and so was he.....the tooth fairy left him $5! he knows it's just a first tooth bonus, but he's already plotting on how to lose multiple teeth at one time.....DSC_3789

in other news.....mackenzie is graduating from preschool this year......and is fast approaching a vast amount of teenage angst......i can "totally" (HER WORD of THE MOMENT) tell you it's quite interesting in our household to say the least as she is "totally" this and "totally" that, i mean seriously......yep seriously.....i'm seriously going to like, have to like, find a hobby so i can, like, seriously, get away from the cheerleader valley girl who has inhabited my four year old's body.....


since my last post, we've visited Pop and Nonna -- which was awesome! we already miss them and can't wait to go back. Pop and Nonna have the best dog ever, *totally*

DSC_3684 katy, the best dog ever, *totally* 


we celebrated easter --- and paddy really enjoyed the whole ceremonial-ness-ness of it....he is understanding the whole crucifixion much better this year, he made ressurection eggs and thought that was super cool.....mack was still all about the easter bunny and what she was getting ---and of course for those of you who know her.....the chocolate!


lotta blue type eggs in there, huh?

we went to pioneer days with jen, cece and nick......and we so loved hanging out with them, it's so nice to have great friends......however.....we did not enjoy being called yankees by the confederate soldiers....however they were quite "authentic" and did not think i'd be able to take 'em, so i kept my mouth shut........ 


what?!?!?!? is that a picture of me? SHUT UP! yep, it's me and friends and cousins have ripped on me as this is my facebook picture......

we've been so tied up with moving to our new abode...which we are still in the process of.....karl still trying to find some work.....keeping up with the end of the year festivities, design team work (which i love), and i was asked to SUB at THE PRESCHOOL! that was such awesome news to me and i am seriously and *totally loving it*....and we're just overwhelmed with trying to keep up with the everyday at this point....there's always fun family drama to throw in that mix of course.....but i won't delve into's ugly and it's just not necessary to ruin your day too. i keep telling myself that i will be a better blogger in the future -- so feel free to ride my a-swear word (paddy's version) even though he throws 'em out there to see what will happen......i'm going to end this post with some scrappy goodness -- GENUINELY JANE scrappy goodness and JOURNALING JUNKIE scrappy goodness!