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sometimes i don't even know what day it is.....'s been so very long since i have posted on my blog.....i'm sure that you all think i've disappeared.....but i haven't, i have however been busy beyond my control and trying to keep august i was asked to join the staff at paddy and mack's school -- which was awesome.....i was so very excited and i love what i'm doing....however i had no idea what toll this would take on my life and the life of my has been such a troubling thing for me to find the balance that i once had.....i loved being a housewife and taking care of my family, but at the time when i took the job, being only a housewife was not taking care of my family, thus God was looking out for me and mine and making sure we're provided for......and so we've made it through what we were going through.....and now of course, He has changed our course again.....and is relocating us to the Atlanta is this being taken you ask? among the masses that is our family....i think the only "people" taking it well at this point are the 4 legged family members......paddy is plodding along and trying to fight the change he does not want and mack is slowly realizing that this is actually going to happen and wants to live with Mrs. Carney her teacher....who would happily take mack and let her live with her forever.....karl's prepping everything for our arrival....which is happening so, so soon and of course being the procrastinator that i am.....we aren't prepared in the least.....i'm trying my best to have a brave face, a calm self for them.....but inside i'm a mess.....i am very excited for the new change because hopefully God willing (and i'll keep trying to just go with the flow here....but i'm a control freak and He's got to give me a little to have) i'll be able to stay home and be what i originally set out to be - a housewife and take care of my family and be home when my kiddos get home each day and have a nicely decorated house and a kept up house.....not the freaking catastrophic mess of a house that i've got going on bear with me, keep reading and know that i am just currently with things.....lots of things that i've got to get to the bottom of and get ironed out....and then i shall return with my usual sarcastic humor, ridiculous stories of morgan grandeur and hopefully scrappy stuff.....i feel like soon i'll finally be able to breathe and think, maybe even hear myself again......a post would not be a post without here are a few.......