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*{a new 2010}*

here's hoping that 2010 is all that you want it to be....i have lots of aspirations and goals....we'll see what i accomplish, but i'm hoping to make great strides in many areas that i battle in my life....getting healthy (first and foremost).....getting organized.....being patient, giving up caffeine.....i keep on trying.....letting go, forgiving, stopping feeling guilty for things i can't control.....doing things for me....and again not feeling guilty about it.....taking the sweet doggies for more walks, yelling less at the kiddos, jumping on the furniture, exploring georgia and taking lots of pictures, decorating the house how i want to decorate and who cares if karl doesn't dig shabby chic....and taking better photos....making more of each day.....reading a daily scripture, meditating on it, applying it to my life, stop looking at things as half full....trying to turn a negative into a positive.....i can go on and on -- but i am helping the kids decorate the windows with snowflakes....they're cutting them out of construction paper and we have colorful ones, because well, we can...i really hope you all have a blessed 2010 and continue to see the small joys in each day....see you next year....

here's a brief look at what we did this year in our house this can find this on the MOSD blog....i so enjoyed returning to scrappy goodness with this project....




DSC_5903 DSC_5905




slowly but surely......

things are starting to feel more normal...and it's feeling more like home. i hope you all had wonderful holidays....we had a nice, just-us christmas......and while we miss our family and friends (very, very much) it was nice to hang out in our pajamas with no rush to be anywhere. the kiddos have deemed it our "best christmas ever" and they were thoroughly spoiled by their grandparents, aunts and uncles and Santa. it was weird to look out into our backyard and not see snow....but at the same time it was super nice to go out yesterday wearing only a sweater, it's bittersweet.....but i'll get used to it in time i think. everyone's fighting a bit of a cold right now - but that's ok, because kiddos are still on winter break and so they have a whole week to kick the cold to the curb.....happy puppies and happy kids make for a happy house....pad is especially happy seeing as how his lego star wars ships are completed and Santa brought him pretty much all lego (which means to him Santa must really know him) and mack is happy because she got a bike from Ba and a easy bake oven from Pop and Nonna -- and that's all she really wanted she's content....drawing on the windows with her window markers as we speak....and we finally have internet! (yay!) so i can return to the world of scrapping and start not feeling manic because it's been so long since i created anything.....seriously it was really starting to defeat me.....well that along with lots of other things, but to not be able to channel all of's not helping.....this move wasn't an easy was harder to bounce back from then our move to tennessee....i don't know why. (maybe because i keep moving farther away from the motherland (MI) -- but i'm closer to it can't be all that bad.....look for more posts and more stuff in 2010.....i have some grand aspirations to try some new keep checking back....and check back on 12-31 because i'll be posting what i created for MOSD this month and i'll be posting to the MOSD blog too.....stay tuned my friends.


in a nutshell....a blur, we're unpacked...well mostly.....and settling in....still no internet though...that's a bummer for me....i'm posting this from karl's laptop --- which i am thankful for him to let me borrow it for a short time to keep me connected to the outside world and my friends.....i miss tennessee, i miss st rose., but we're plugging along, paddy loves school at the "duhn, duhn, duhn" public school.....which is a great school.....mackenzie is digging school too....they started yesterday and were all smiles when i picked them up and didn't look back when we said goodbye to them yesterday me that's a great testament that they're in a good place and that this is a good change regardless of all of the craziness that we've gone through to get trying to be festive...we've put up our tree and our nativity and some old favorites. i already feel burnt out with the holidays, the only thing that i do look forward to each night is the advent chain and the kiddos being excited to learn about the real reason for the other cool christmas news, paddy is growing up....asking for practical cool things like a new bedspread and sheet set....and not so much all of the great as i think that is, i am sort of sad because he's becoming such a big's bittersweet.....mack is mack...she's funny and fabulous and whacky as ever asking for everything and telling me she loves christmas because she gets lots of presents and she loves to get presents.....and she hates her socks because they are "annoring"....the dogs, oh my gosh, could there be two happier dogs on the earth? i dunno....cinna and meg are for real down right jolly as of lately...enjoying their fenced in back thing evah! so why i may seem a little melancholy, there is actually a lot of bright light in our little corner of the world.