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*{A SureFIre WaY tO BeAT tHe BLuEs}*

The 3rd annual Dixie Pieces "Beat the Blues Crop" is right around the corner! Are you ready for some great challenges, fun games, and a great prize?It's a weekend of scrapping, games and trying to complete some supa-cool challenges.....did I mention scrapping?

The crop will get underway on Friday, February 5th in the morning. Challenges and games will be posted all weekend. Can't scrap that weekend? No worries! The deadline for posting your creations is not until February 18th! That's right, you will have almost 2 weeks to qualify for the Grand Prize Drawing! Prize? WHAT's A CROP without A PRIZE......I know I'd want this PRIZE ---->The Grand Prize is a brand new March Kit and a goodie bag of fun stuff that Brenna & Sherry picked up at CHA!

SO please try to make it, we'll all be there hanging out and scrapping, having fun and you joining us would only make it better!

*{MaKE SuRE to CHECK BACK here MONDAY....for info ON the FeBRuArY KiT over at DIXIE's STUNNING, VERSATILE & you WILL wAnT TO GrAB one!}*

Here's a little peak!

{first day re-do}

::{HApPy tAg!}::

My friend *RaCHel* tagged me with this cool award....which I was honored to receive from her! :) She is someone who makes me happy because she is a kindred spirit....and part of what makes me SWOON about her is she knows the "kindred spirit" reference....which makes her a kindred spirit in the first place.....anyways!


So when I tag you, this is what you need to do to play along!

A. List 10 things that make you happy.

B. Try to do at least one of them today.

C. Tag 10 bloggers that brighten your day. (Tag!! You're it!)

D. For those 10 bloggers who get the award, you then link back to my blog and create your own "makes you happy" list.

My Ten Happy's in no specific order: 

{Mackenzie's imagination} and sharing her cheery randomness with me.....the things she comes up with are HI-LARIOUS and she often makes me laugh on a daily basis more than once.....which leads into my next part of daily happy.....

{My Mom's daily phone calls}.....she calls each morning and leaves a message for the kids to hear on their way to school...I miss my Mom so much and this way I feel connected to her...she is a constant rock in the storm....I often share with her what Mackenzie tells me and then in turn she reminds me of all kinds of crazy that I was when I was Mack's age like baking my dolls in the Holly Hobby Stove.....

{This is lame.....but watching King of the Hill}.....I watch it every night and I love it.....there's no shame in my game.....but I find familiar comfort in the Hill family and wish I was friends with Dale Gribble.

{Music.....hands down, music}'s part of my daily's very much ingrained in me....if I was a different person, I'd for sure be a groupie to someone.....but I have children and I silently obsess over my favorite musician and know that he appreciates my fan-ship even though I sounded like a complete idiot when I met him.

{Reading}....makes me happy because I can go somewhere else and not have to think of my stupid, petty problems (I say this because I am lucky enough to have a pretty great life, but the small, dumb things I think are problems, well they really aren't)

{Baking}....I bake when I'm soothes and in the porcess I make something with love and in prepping, making, and seeing the process through, I find that I am more apt to deal with what I have been stressing about.

{Being a HOUSEWIFE}.....yeah, I said it, a H-O-u-S-e-W-i-f-E! I like making lunches, being able to pick my kids up each day, help with homework, have dinner on the table, keep my house as clean as possible with a 7, 5, almost 4 year old dog and almost 3 year old dog who still thinks she's 6 mos. old and a husband who doesn't pick up his own socks....yes, I have my moments of pure insanity and break down....but then I remember that I get to wear pajama pants all day if I want to....and I can watch The Price is Right, or sit outside and watch the squirrels if I want to!

{Texting}....No Rachel :), I'm not copying you.....but I too, am terrible at speaking on the phone.....I'm well written, yet I stumble through the message on my phone.....I can text Karl for hours, much to his dismay and not want to talk on the phone at all.

{Praying at Night with the kiddos}'s centering, it makes me remember to thank God for all that he does for me on a daily basis, reminding me that I need to be more in tune with him and try harder....and I love to hear what the kids are thankful for, who they want to pray for and sometimes they really surprise me with their responses.....I am thankful for them! 

 TEN {we're gonna go with FIVE} bloggers that brighten my day (Rachel tagged a few of our friends and I don't want them to have to feel like posting twice and I would've chose that's 3 off my list!):

EssenseVibez --- just an all around cool chick I am lucky to know! So uplifting!

Stefanie -- a good friend who has stood by me during incredibly, squirrelly moments....

Wendy -- an incredibly inspiring person.

Jennifer Ladd -- she ALWAYS has a kind word for people and is a great Mom!

Kim -- just met her, but already inspired greatly by her and can't wait to be her scrappy friend!

*{just enjoying the seasonal flu here in the morgan house}*

yep, we're a statistic of the CDC this year.....poor patrick has a "strain" of the flu....and a double ear infection....poor kid -- he's so stoic, he hates being sick, and keeps apologizing to me....and i just hug him and say, "silly boy" you have nothing to be sorry for.....mack is home too -- she's been running a slight fever and her ear is starting to i'm sure a return visit to the dr will spite of all this....things are ok! i wanted to share with you that the challenges have begun at Scrapperie....each week there will be a new make sure you keep checking back...there are tons of fabulous girls designing for's my layout i completed...we scraplifted *Rachel* :) I *HEART* her but she already knows this....keep paddy and mack in your thoughts and prayers...and think of me as i continue to disinfect the skeevy germs.....oh and one more layout that i know is obnoxious...but i enjoyed the process.



*{so i know Christmas is way over.....}*

and we're all starting to focus on valentine's day that is already practically here...seriously!         where did january freaking go?          not that i would be aware since i have had a stuffed up nose and cold for 16 days now.....but i digress.....i just wanted to share this layout with you because...well because it's done....and the picture cracks me up......paddy, paddy,'s the first of many goofy portraits i'm sure.....the school pictures aren't much better.....paddy informed me that all the boys in his class tried not to smile....and if p's picture is any indication.....then the boys were all captured in a about to break out in laughter portrait.....and because it's the first layout i did in so long....that wasn't for a dt assignment :) and don't get me wrong -- i love my dt's and all my assignments....but it was just nice to create thanks for looking!


*{drumroll pleeeasssee!}*

congrats are in order for my fellow Dixie Pieces DT members!      can i get a *{wOOt WooT!}* for Leah Wright, Tammy Malone and Helen Westen and me :0) -- we are the new DT at Dixie Pieces, we're working with the fabulous Kim Holmes and Sherry and Brenna..... Make sure you check it's a great community and they have some awesome kits! This month's kit is super cool, it's called Girl Crazy....especially if you have any hip chicks in your house.....or it works with divas MiSs MaCk!      i just wanted to share the news with you -- they have lots of great stuff coming up in 2010 -- like in FEBRUARY.....5-7 to be exact, there's a great crop -- the 3rd Annual Beat the Winter Blues Crop....the DT is working on projects to inspire and help you with that scrappy stay tuned for that.....thanks for letting me share -- and here's my new favorite photo :) it will be coming to a new LO near you.


*{some news to share}*

as you may or may not know, SCRAPPERIE is undergoing some major changes.....and they're some really good ones.....Sandi has assembled a *whole bunch* of super talented scrappers to give you an ultimate scrapping will have loads of inspiration to pick from....and best of all these scrappers will be coming to you WEEKLY....that's right I said weekly.....there's going to be *SeVEn* different design for each day of the week....a challenge to keep you scrapping each day of the if you're needing *{sCRappING MoJO}* for 2010.....SCRAPPERIE is the place to find keep checking back because Sandi and the team have a ton of stuff in store for you....the first challenge launches this MONTH!