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*{a BIG ThANk YoU!}*

to scrapscene for featuring my tutorial over at Dixie Pieces! Thank you to Sherry (one of the best bosses and friends ever!) for sending my tutorial along <3 

And another THANK YOU to all the veterans and all of those serving today....without you I couldn't enjoy my thank you for giving of yourselves so freely without expecting anything in return......especially MY DADDY, my Grandpa, my Uncle John, my cousin Scott, my Father in Law Russ and my Brother in Law Kevin...and all of my military wife friends out there...know you're all in my thoughts and prayers each and every day.


it's been a blur! a total hectic blur.....but school's out! it's funny how i spent the last week of school at the kiddo's school instead of relishing the last few remaining moments of silence....everything has been sacrificed....holy cow the house looked like the wreck of the  hesperus...there's heaping piles of laundry ( but there are always heaping piles of laundry) and my kitchen looks a lot like a frat house lives there (again all of the frat houses i've ever been to - scary kitchen) and i've stepped on many a lego this week....we weren't without injury either, mack is going to be getting tubed in her ears, her adnoids out and a sinus procedure as well....adding insult to this injury, paddy has become stitches mcgee adding more facial stitches to his resume.....he got cracked in the mouth with asante's elbow during an apparent fierce game of 2nd grade commando kickball...luckily i was i the building and could assess the damage after spending the morning at miss mack's e.n.t. appointment, i then spent the afternoon with grandmaster p at the urgent care -- he valiantly took 2 stitches to the lip without any numbing agents or anesthesia....proving yet again that he has my pain tolerance and i'm sure that it didn't help that he had full lips and poor dr nailor tried so hard to get the job done quickly but paddy's lips weren't having it! no sir. it probably didn't help that i was making him laugh.....yep i'm helpful like that, where i thought i'd secretly delight in him experiencing mild pain for all the times he's talked back to me, i was actually suffering greatly seeing him sad and the only way i can combat that is making my baby boy laugh...and so that's what i did....and mack mack tried her best to cheer him up too.....and he was such a brave boy...and so our summer vacay begins and we're not quite all the way with it....we ate dinner with friends on friday....only to have paddy come home and puke because he ate half a bag of candy BY HIMSELF....on friday afternoon....i tried to thwart him but he's sneaky and so he experienced a candy i'm hoping he learned his lesson....and mack is making books galore...and she has colored our whole door.....with window markers. it's fabulous...she's SO creative...and i'm so lucky that she makes all her creations just for me! i was feeling scared about this long summer break, really i was...but i think we might muddle through somehow. :) 

i've got lots of scrap coming up. well not lots but the stuff i have been working on is super fun. i've had to quit some of the design teams i was on due to not being able to get a handle on the chaos...i really regretted letting go, but i have to be fair to all involved and not just be thinking about myself, if i can't give them my best, then i have to be fair and grown up and let someone else have a chance that someone gave to me.....i'll be blogging more and sharing more stuff...we're trying to have an equitable summer vacation....we're going to make chalk, playdough (thank you mrs. long and mrs. wright) and our own bubbles...we're growing sunflowers and a lone corn stalk....and we're trying our hand at heirloom tomatoes (poor, poor tomatoes - seriously) and we have some seeds to plant thanks again to mrs. long and mrs. wright.....ok well seriously it's boring, mundane, whatever you want to call it, but it's alright with me.....if you made it this far:


 (this is a tutorial i have going on over at DIXIE PIECES

(if you look to the right -- you'll see poor paddy's injury)

( and our very own stained glass window )



It's that time -- it's reveal day.....not only that -- it's NSD -- so it's the perfect day to treat yourself to something nice and fun and colorful like the May kit is!

Patterned Paper and Cardstock

(single sheets of 12x12 paper unless otherwise stated)

Pink Paislee Bayberry Cottage Gazebo (double sided) 
Pink Paislee Bayberry Cottage Picket Fence (double sided) 
Pink Paislee Bayberry Cottage Flower Garden (double sided) 
We R Memory Keepers Vintage Blue Rainbow (double sided) 
We R Memory Keepers Vintage Blue Blueberry Hill (double sided) 
We R Memory Keepers Vintage Blue Peachy Keen(double sided) 
We R Memory Keepers Vintage Blue Blue Bird (double sided) 
We R Memory Keepers Vintage Blue Just Dandy (double sided) 
Bazzill Basics Cardstock - Sugar Cookie, Mysterious Teal, Orange, Burgundy 


(single items unless otherwise noted)

Little Yellow Bicycle Flocked Alphabet Grey 
Jillibean Soup Alphabeans Glazed Green 
We R Memory Keepers Embossed Die cut Butterfly
We R Memory Keepers Embossed Die cut Berry
Zva Creative Rhinestone Swirls
We R Memory Keepers Clear Stamps - Berry
Jillibean Soup Journaling Shapes - Orange
Pink Paislee Artisan Tape - Orange
Creative Charms Crochet flowers - Orange 
Alexx Kesh clear star tiles
Tim Holtz Crackle Paint - Antique Linen
May Arts twill ribbon (2 feet) 
1 yard of teal organza ribbon

Here's some examples of what you can do with this kit:


{a wink & a smile} 


{nature buffs} 

Our Design Team CREATED FABULOUS STUFF! Check out their beautiful creations.