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*{Dixie Pieces July Kit}*

You'll seriously love the kit this's FaBUloUS! It has so many cool things packed in....papers from Cosmo Cricket, Pink Paislee and October Afternoon....and it has some really cool embellishments that go perfectly......and it's vintagey, home-made feeling, it's a'll be able to pick yours up tomorrow at  *{DIXIE PIECES}*

The Design Team created some really, really awesome stuff....I know I say that every month....but I'm blown away every month....they just inspire me and have endless amounts of creativity! Make sure you check out the *{GALLERY}*

Here are some things I created with the kit, thanks for looking and stay tuned for tomorrow -- as I have something to share with you for Dixie Pieces and check back! :) 

{keep it together} 

{sew pretty} 

{raining in GA}

{friday on my mind...}

was it me or did this week seem to drag, yet fly by?  i kept thinking, "gosh!" (said in my best napoleon dynamite voice) funny enough, this seemed to be the week to view "blades of glory" which i watched at least twice......and the great outdoors....(that's one my most favorite movies and childhood memories rolled into one)'s so hot that the kids don't even want to be crazy is that?!?!? i guess not so crazy if you know patrick and mackenzie, huh? stupidly this week, i drank pop (for all of you in the south, soda) way too late in the afternoon and suffered greatly as a result, of being awake....last night i was up until 3 in the morning, good times, good times.....i enjoy having disturbed sleep patterns brought on my own i'm feeling like i went to a party....kind of sucky that i enjoyed no actual benefits except watching quality programming like king of the hill and family guy.....which was totally fine with me, if i could've caught futurama, it would've been a perfect insomniac evening for me....grouchy much? yes, i am. 

in other exciting news, i've been hard at work up in the hole that is my scrap space -- which at the moment is a crazy mess that overwhelms me and i can hardly bear to even think of organizing it.....i think i work better in i'm leaving lots of fun things in the mail....and so i'm not going to stick around and endlessly chatter on about the daily chores like laundry, dishes and wiping the kitchen table....i have to get, our internet is not friendly so my time is limited....due to a static filled wire/connection/something that our house is the source of and it's actually screwing with our neighbors all around us cable connections as be remedied today i i type quickly and share sporadic information because well, who knows when i'll be cut off!?!!??

i recently completed some work for piggy tales academy and here they are....there's lots more to come because well...they got cool stuff going on!!!! so keep checking their site and here as well!

so check it out and have a great weekend....i'll be trying to avoid my sandals melting and sticking to the pavement here in the dirty south.....seriously, who comes up with these things? and why is it a term of endearment? it's hard being a girl from "up north" --- my poor yankee self here in the south....there are so many many that i'll probably never get used to....but others that make me's bittersweet.

{doggies dine here}
 march's piggy tales academy kit :)

{happiness is knowing love}
 april's piggy tales academy kit :) 

*{sharing a few things with you....}*

...hopefully not my *{SUmmErTiMe BlUEs}* that I seem to be experiencing!  I've been waiting to share this project with you, I guess I can now...... I made this using Piggy Tales products. It came really easy to me and was really fun to create. I've been working on some other fun things too.....and I'll share them with you as soon as I can. This summer is flying's almost July - where has the year gone? Sometimes I feel totally overwhelmed with how fast time goes by....and this is one of those times, maybe because I've been in a bit of a {FuNK}....everyone goes through a funk once in awhile, I just feel like I've been in them more and more....but oh well, what're ya going to do? The kiddos have been enjoying their pool and they've been doing the whole nag-mom-all-summer too! 

"I'm bored." 

"There's NOTHING to do!" 

"MMM-OO-MMM, he's touching me!" "Well she's kicking me!" 

They make me laugh and it reminds me of pulling the same stops out on my mom.....except I make them read books and they also have workbook when they're bored I break out the workbooks....and you'd think they'd learn and not say it anymore.....but how soon they forget! 

*{HoPINg yOur SumMEr is GoINg gREAt!}*

This was Paddy's teacher gift for Ms. Ash :)

We've had crazy rain here so far but it's pretty exciting for the kids....and here they are looking for rainbows as the rain cleared up....I  love them!  (Seriously, I don't know what I would do without them, even when they're driving me crazy!) :)

*{tHe JuNE kiT is UP at DiXIe PiEceS!}*

Sherry and Brenna put together another great kit this month! There's so much going on in this must pick one up. 

*{Dixie Pieces Precious Pastels June 2010 Kit}*


Our Design Team really did another AWESOME job! You need to check out the GALLERY and see what they did with this kit.

Here are some things I created with the kit:






As always, *{thanks <3}* for looking! :) make sure you get a kit before they're sold out!