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{wanted to let you know...a few things....}

this is an FYI post....there's a cool site called Inspired to Scrap that I stumbled upon....I really think you should check it out, no matter what level scrapper you are. :) 

right now Stacey and her team are offering some really cool classes....there's one coming up next week....inspired by should check that out too!

ALSO......there's still time to participate in the DIXIE PIECES Photography Challenge we have going on this month!!! Make sure you check it out.....oh my gosh the kit coming WILL *{LOVE}* IT!!! i can't wait for you to see it!!!! AND.....the fun stuff we have coming're going to want to get involved -- you DON'T want to miss it!!!

ok so july was a blur......

for totally passed me by...i'm really not quite sure where it went....all i know is i got to spend 2 1/2 weeks with my mom and visited with my family and friends.....and it went by way too quick....and *{SCHOOL}* starts on thursday! thursday! even though i appear giddy and laugh-ey to the kids, i reeeallllyyy am going to miss them being with me each day, even though we didn't do too much this summer, we were together.....speaking of summer, holy hannah we live in hades! it's so freakin' hot here that the kids won't even go outside......nature girl wanting to stay in, you know it's bad, nothing keeps that snotty snottikins indoors.....and *P* claims he's melting each time we get in the car.....he can't breathe and all the overly animated dramatics....i still laugh each time and think of how when i was little and you could still sit in the car without your parents being arrested, i  loved to close my eyes and "bake" in the heat of the car with the windows teenily cracked as my mom ran into get a loaf of bread or half gallon of milk....those were the seems that i am nostalgic more and more these days, a sure sign you need to start checking out the homes for me, just find me a place where they'll wheel me around daily....but not leaving me unattended like the poor lady at the zoo....who was watching the prairie dogs and all of the sudden zipped down a hill and had her ride stopped short by the fence....and yes, i laughed (but after I knew she was ok), so add another brick to me chair in hell....i probably have a throne at this point...i'm merrily procrastinating and nervously anticipating meeting paddy and mack's teachers tomorrow....i am going to have a hard time letting go of them on thursday as they'll try to wrangle themselves from my overbearing, tangly mess of mothering! :) it's done with the best of intention, i assure you.

in scrapworld, i'm still going strong.....and you need to *{CHECK OUT DIXIE PIECES}* they have a beautiful kit this month:

It's called *{SHABBY COUTURE!}* isn't that just dreamy? i LOVED this kit, it's so rich and beautiful!

here's a few things i created and as always, thank you for looking:

(i made this for my momma!)


(my favorite picture right now!)

{said it all} 

this ladybug is actually 8 inches long by 6 inches wide....and mack has already claimed it. :)


the design team did such a BEAUTIFUL job with this kit, and you can check it out: click here

take care and know you'll be hearing more from me, like tomorrow! :)