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....*{it's a CREATIVE SCRAPPERS bLOG HoP y'all}*....

Good Morning Creative Scrappers!
Welcome to our Birthday Blog Hop!
I am so excited you could stop by....

We are celebrating 3 years of Creativity at Creative Scrappers this weekend & glad you could join us. Our Creative Team members each have a Unique Sketch from our Sketch Designers to showcase on their blogs. Make sure you visit their blogs for inspiration & please visit our Creative Scrappers blog and add your name to our Mr. Linky list to be entered to win great prizes from our blog hop sponsors:

I was lucky to work with one of Aphra's sketches!! <3 (that always makes me happy!!)

and here's what I created with it: 

.....THERE IS SOOOO MUCH INSPIRATION AND SO MANY SKETCHES FOR YOU TO WORK WITH!!! Make sure you leave some love for everyone!!! 

Now be on your way...and check out the rest the teams BEAUTIFUL WORK! :) 

Click the links below which will take you to the other blogs. 


Yuko Tanaka

Kristine Davidson
to download all our Blog Hop Sketches!

Thank you for supporting Creative Scrappers
and we hope to inspire you for more years to come!


*{....good friday....}*

...i hope you find peace today on Good Friday...and take a few moments to relflect on what was given up for you and give thanks and praise...i hope that you continue to be the best you can be everyday, even if it takes great effort....everyone falls sometimes, everyone falters, but remember that there is SOMEONE who is with you each step of the way....encouraging you and loving you whether you can hear HIM or not...HE's have faith and keep walking on.....i have plenty of days where i am wondering what the heck is going on and just want to curl into the fetal position,  but all i have to do is look inside myself and know i am here for a purpose and even if i never figure out what that purpose is, i am still doing what i was put in place to do....HE always provides for me even if it isn't the answer i wanted. 

....i am thankful for my ability to create...and i am also thankful for my favorite subjects....they sometimes are the only reason i climb out of bed each day...they need me as much as i need them. 


...countless....the ways i love them really are countless....and i didn't mean to get all deep on you, i just sometimes really take for granted how lucky i am...i have a mother, father, father in law and step mother and two step brothers who are always there if i need them, great brother in laws and sister in laws and nephews, a multitude of aunts, uncles and loving cousins...and a great bunch of friends near and far who support me and love me....and i don't think it's any coincidence. i never tell y'all enough that i love you and appreciate you, so if you're reading this now you know. 

....the layout above is part of a challenge over at THE PAPER VARIETY....and you should really jump in and play. The Paper Variety is an awesome site if you haven't already checked it can be inspired weekly by our beyond talented Design Team...let alone all the love we will eave you if you do submit your design to the challenge you also get entered into a random drawing for one of the fabulous sponsor prizes...and Abby and Suzanne work really hard to make sure they're awesome. 

Pink Angel


...have a wonderful Good Friday.


...*{sunny sunday}*...

...after all the crazy rain we have's nice to see a sunny day...i feel bad for all of my friends & family who are dealing with snow today...because really it's enough i think....i can honestly say, i don't miss it that all especially since i am weraing short sleeves and flip flops and have my windows open. <3


...if you're feeling scrappy today -- there's a brand new challenge up at CREATIVE SCRAPPERS FOR YOU TO CHECK OUT! ....there's a gorgeous reveal to go along with this sketch created by the fabulous Aphra Bolyer....


...make sure you check back at CREATIVE SCRAPPERS too because soon that wonderful blog and all it's awesome challenges will be turning 3! Kristine has some fun stuff planned!!



...i took inspiration from it and created this...




...have a great sunday & be good to one another 

Blue and Green Mushroom

.....{it's another crazy thursday in april}.....

....for real it's april, i feel like i somehow got cheated mind is still stuck in december 2010....and before i know it, i'll be looking october in the face....and then the holidays...and i ask you....when does that flash forward blur happen? ...i want days to drag and anticipation to be great and i really that jaded? .....i shouldn't be listening to 100 Years to live and be in tears....ok well i cry over everything so ok, tears are typical but seriously i really that old? how did this happen...where was i ?....that my days are now blurs? ....seriously, for real? .....c'mon what old person squeaks out a *foR Real?* at the end of their sentences...yeah...none. (that's how many).....or would rather watch Spongebob than the news....and sings along to GaGa with their kids?, not old people....and yeah i just admitted that i listen to GaGa.....this should make Erin very happy.......i'll be the person who's mid-life crisis is going on a DisneyWorld bender.....and getting a few puppies.....and finally piercing my nose....things have been so crazy busy and i am very blessed to have a filled life, but i just need to take a breath....gah!

a post wouldn't be a post without sharing some sort of ocular stimulation (some of you may have seen this already, but i just can't get over the fact that she's mine sometimes).....this layout is created with INSPIRED TO SCRAP's March/April kit ...and seriously (there's that word again)...there is only one left....will you be the lucky person who aquire's this kit?

{her eyes}


Rising Sun good to one another and happy thursday!

...{it's Wednesday}...

...and there's a new challenge up at The Paper Variety!'s a really fun one too! :) check out this cute picture below and...your mission is to run with it and create something inspired by the picture...whether it's using the color scheme...or featuing a project about a rainy day...or something with an umbrella oe rain boots! .... <3 i can't wait to see what you create!

.....make sure you check out Kim Holmes's blog...she is our guest designer and she is SUPA-TALENTED....she's also a great person all around so make sure you leave her some love! 

....the prize up for grabs is FABULOUS if that doesn't motivate you to play along, i so don't know what's STUDIO CALICO friends, so get creating:'s what i created for this week's challenge....thanks for looking! :) have a great day!

{rain or shine}

*{....creative monday. rather than creative sunday.....}*

....i wanted to share with you that a new SKETCH is up at *{Creative Scrappers}*....and this post may be a day late in it's announcement, but you have plenty of time to create and submit your layout :) the sketch was created by the fabulously talented Amarylis Doria

....i was somehow manipulated into doing lots of yardwork yesterday. i am not quite sure how that happened....i recieved no compensation, so i am still in shock that i agreed to it, could it be perhaps that i didn't mind? i am in denial that could possibly it. 

....we're on break and we've got a week full of stuff to accomplish, some fun, some not so fun...oh well, whatever, nevermind. :)

....have a fabulous Monday y'all. 


{shannon m., #150}