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...*{happy memorial day & creative monday}*...

...remember to thank a veteran today....remember to thank anyone who is actively enlisted too...and say a prayer for those who gave all for you. <3


...i hope that you are enjoying your Memorial Day wherever you are and if you're not observing...happy Monday...hope it's a good one :)


...i wanted to share the latest sketch from CREATIVE SCRAPPERS it was created by super creative Michelle Fowler :) was a fabulous sketch to work with and so different, you can really put a great spin on it, the possibilities are endless. here's the sketch:



and here's my take on it. ...i really got back to my creative roots....i  hand-crafted the title & stars, i added paint and lots of doodling, and couldn't leave out was great to really to get back to step one and make it more shannon-ish :) ...thanks for looking!



....enjoy your day and thank you for all of your scrappy love :)

.....*{what could be better than Friday? Friday & a BLOG HOP!}*.....

Grab your suntan lotion and a towel and
get ready for a fun Summertime Hop to get some great ideas
to get caught up with old summer photos and lots of ideas
for inspiring you for this summer too!! Our first stop on this weekend hop is to Liz's blog and then off to a idea packed hop with the rest of the team
and our Guest Designer for this month Shannon Morgan...(that's me! <3) you should have arrived here from Emily Branch's blog... if you just came straight could be missing out on blog candy from the others & you should really go back and leave love for everyone...this team is jam packed with talent....just sayin' :) 

I am sure by now, you are completely inspired! I am!
Best Creation has seriously some of the best papers....this I Love Camping line makes me want to love camping <3 ...and even though my layout isn't truly about camping it's about traveling....there are so many different ways you can use this line...take a look at what I did with my layout. :) sure to leave me some love and I will put your name in a drawing for some Best Creation goodies!!! <3

 {BLOG HOP LAYOUT, Shannon M.}

...and as I am sure that you have already heard there are lots of chances to win some of the new June releases (WHICH ARE AWESOME!...said in my best Barney Stinson voice) and 6X6 mini packs too (which are just as AWESOME!) Be sure to leave a comment on either Facebook or the Best Creation blog or sign up as a new follower. Thanks so much for stopping in to see me!! :) 

....*a day to celebrate*....'s day closer to FRIDAY <3...always a reason to celebrate....and the kiddos are out of school as of 1:30 today for the summer....another reason to celebrate....<3....and Karl's Dad is coming Friday....yet ANOTHER reason to celebrate!! ....all of these things make a big smile plaster across my face! (reminding me that i can be happy for no reason at all!)


....i wanted to celebrate with you though, that i have had the great honor and pleasure being the Guest Designer over at Best Creation this month...and it has been so inspiring and great because they have WONDERFUL papers and embellishments!!! ....i wanted to tell you to head over to their blog today because there are some pretty COOL decorations going on the post today...what a crazy talented team :) of my creations is being featured over there....and i am thinking i am pretty sure i know who i am giving this always thanks for looking and make sure you check back here tomorrow and then again on Friday because i have some more great stuff to share!!!


{USA Banner, Shannon. M.}


....makes me excited for summer and thankful for all those who fought for my freedoms. <3 Remember to thank your veterans and pray for those who gave all for you <3

Patriotic Stars

|||fast friday share||| Patrick would say, "Holy Sweet Pete, it's Friday!"

....i was really getting tired of all the other days....draggy and long. ....the end of the school year is almost here...and i am very excited for what our summer holds...maybe it's just an eagerness for it to speed up and get here....

....yet it reminds me of all the craziness the next few days will hold, all the changes that are coming this fall and the mixed and hurt feelings and i will steel myself against it and push on through...because that's just what Shannon's do. <3

BUT ENOUGH ABOUT THAT! ....the intention of this post is to celebrate :) ....i had the honor of working on designs for Best Creation this month and i wanted to share the Camping layout I created. I really, really, really LOVE this line and i am not a camping enthusiast at that's saying a lot! (you can see this layout on Best Creation's FB page) :) 

  {pitching the tent, shannon m.}'s to Friday and Saturday and Sunday and all those other poopy days in between <3


Black and White Mushroom

xxxxx[hectic...crazy...& tired, yet always time for creativity]xxxxx

...even if it's late. (*sigh*)

....there has been a lot going on in the world of all things morgan...including draining mental warfare....sometimes i really wonder what on earth people are thinking when they open their do they thnk before they speak? ....i pain-stakingly worry about others and question why....and i am forever teaching Paddy and Mack to think before they speak or do something how that will affect the other person, but at what cost? they can suffer, but do the right thing, or feel wronged and keep turning the other cheek...yep, they will, just like me and they will follow through that way forever, hopefull karma will come round....even when i am angry or feeling hurt, i find myself often more concerned for the other party....and while a lot of people would find that admirable...others find it being a doormat...and sometimes it creeps up on me...and then i feel angry and self depreciation creeps in....i take a takes a lot for me to turn away...and sadly things suffer because of it, the things that ground me and keep me light....

.....i missed a deadline and i hate that. i let down people who depend on me. 

.....THE PAPER VARIETY HAS A BRAND NEW CHALLENGE UP this week and it's all about stars....which is like one of my favortie things ever....i completed my layout too late to make it in the post..but i am posting it anyways. (i am sorry Suzanne and Abby)'s the challenge posted:

the prize offered this week is from  Technique Tuesday:'s the layout I created for this challenge....i can't encourage you enough to participate in this challenge!!! THE PAPER VARIETY IS FABULOUS. <3

{we all shine on...}

....have a wonderful wednesday and remember..."if you're worried and you can't sleep, count your blessings instead of sheep, and you'll fall asleep counting your blessings" of my favorite songs, from one of my favorite movies.

Tiny Pink and White Heart

....{very superstitious...writing's on the wall}....

...i know some of you actually know who sang that....yep it ages us. :)

...& if you don't know who sings that, then well you're missing out...but i digress i knew my Friday was going to be wierd...seeing as how yesterday i had a whacked out zombie/trick-or-treating/old ladies tapping on my windows telling me my windows were made in Michigan dream....i checked all the meanings as i always do & nothing good could result from any of the symbols.... it was no surprise that Patrick woke up early from a bad dream about ghosts riding in airplanes...(gee wonder where he gets that from) Mack spit medicine back up all over her shoes & was pretending she felt good because she didn't want to miss school & that Meg had decided that she was going to take an inordinately long time to do her business this morning & skunk eye me as i yelled like a lunatic at her to get in the house, among other typical things that would occur on a Friday the 13th....

.....*SO*.....hope this particular Friday finds you well, being that it is Friday the 13th & all of us superstitious people are throwing salt over our shoulders & looking for gypsies creeping down the street....a good way to dispel this you ask?...pray to Our Lady of Fatima, us Catholics celebrate her today...her message to us...*SIMPLY TO PRAY*

....if that's not your could be a good day to check out some Friday the 13th movies...the old school ones though, not the hokey remakes...sooo not the same i wanted to share with you of course, something scrappy. <3 ..other people have shoes, purses & hang with me because my obsessions are of a paper nature...& i force you, dear readers to suffer & endure....why? because you love me...& know that i am whiny & no one wants's just ugly.


....i have the honor of being the guest designer for May over at BEST CREAION.....which is a FABULOUS company that offers a wide array of great papers and fun stuff for scrappers of all levels. :)  ....they have new lines out...and i got to create with keep checking back all month long as my work will be featured. :) ...i was VERY, VERY EXCITED to be asked to contribute to this talented team of designers!!!'s a layout i created with the Baseball line....showing you that you can use papers for other than what they are intended for :) ...not only that, but different ways to create titles...

Shannon M. - Title Work Best Creations

.....thank you so much for looking...and as always be good to one another & enjoy your Friday the 13th.... <3

Halloween Ghost



....*{thursdays are always such a hopeful day}*....

...because they are one day closer to Friday, however....when you're a procrastinator pants and you have tons to get done in a short time span...this is not as exciting if say you have nothing to do the next day....and crazily enough we haven't even entered organized sports yet...can't wait...well partly i can't, but mostly i can. 

...this post brings you some more of my creative aspirations...there's a new challenge up at {THE PAPER VARIETY}...and it's a great one because it gives you freedom to really create! :)'s the challenge...


...and here's what i did with it:



...there is so much inspiration from out design team this week as well...the possibilities with this challenge are pretty endless! :) ...i cant wait to see what you create...and there's a fabulous prize up for grabs as well, check it out:


...have a great thursday and hopefully your friday will be sloth-like and enjoyable. :) 

Cute Mushroom

x[...slow-moving sunday...]x

.....i am in slow mo this sunday. .....while i enjoy the birds incessant chatter outside my window & the beautiful sunshine...i am really, really, really in no hurry to join them...i am in a read all day kind of mode....but i know that is not to be....*le sigh* as i slowly wake up...caffeine will definitely aid me in this process...i wanted to share with you the latest sketch from CREATIVE SCRAPPERS & along with that....remind you that Kristine has an AWESOME (said in my best Barney Stinson)....BLOG HOP going celebrate 3 FABULOUS YEARS at Creative is Sketch #154, created by talented Nicole's the sketch:

and here's what i created with it:

...i hope you have a good sunday and that you aren't in slow mo like me...the caffeine is kicking we're good....or on our way to being good. :)

Pink Owl