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*{Preparing for a New Year}*'s fast approaching. I am crazy inspired to scrap my Christmas pictures. I don't have many because it was such a frenzy and the kids were so excited and I was so excited to see my Momma's reaction from her present we got her. :) She was so very excited and thrilled -- it made lack of 800 billion pictures worth it.

I am going to miss my Momma when she goes home, but we had such a good time and laughed so much, it may carry me through until the next time I see her...and I will fill my time with scrappiness to keep my mind off it. 

I am looking forward to the next year and I am going to try to do new things...and hopefully be able to share them with you. WE had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to a New Year in 2012.

I am thankful for my family and friends :) I am so thankful for my kiddos smiling faces. They make everyday worth it <3

Have a wonderful New Year's Eve. :) See you in 2012!

{Paddy on Christmas Morning}

{Mack on Christmas Morning}

{LCOM BLOG POST 12-26, Shannon M.}




*{Merry Christmas to you!}*

Wishing you a Merry Christmas!!! <3 ...Santa was very good to Paddy & Mack  (so were Ba, Grandpa, Pop, Nonna & Uncle Pete, Auntie Claudia, Auntie Catherine, cousin Jaclyn & Bobby) :) We successfully surprised Ba with an I-Pad....Karl & I spoiled each other with great gifts to each other...<3 The best gift was just being able to be together & have my Momma here, seeing Paddy & Mack's big faces & crazy, big smiles!!!

As the old saying goes....God has blessed me with more than I deserve. :) I am thankful for my family...they are loving & thoughtful & they always leave me friends near & also far who stick with me through thick & thin & I light up at the sight of their messages & calls. I am thankful for my dogs, who are so sweet  & they make me happy, truly each day. Each day is a gift. <3

It's going by so quickly and it seemed like it would never get here...Christmas....all that preparation for a day that goes so fast...I have made a personal deal with myself to really try to keep it going and remember what we celebrate Christmas for...a babe in a manger who came to save us all...& I owe it to HIM to try as HE never gives up on me. 

Enjoy this Christmas day!! The New Year is fast approaching!

*{Christmas Tree 2011}*


*{Sunday...}* supposed to be a day of rest....however, the Morgan Procrastination Machine is full force with a ridiculous list of to-do's that borders on stupidity, yet it happens every year....and every year I say to myself, I say: "Self, this year you will be organized...and not wait until the last minute to get things done!" .....and you know what myself said to me? "Yeah. Right.".....

To keep myself sane through all of this, regardless of the list that I think has babies at scrap. Otherwise I would probably assault people with dental instruments. 

I have been working on my Christmas Cards and also scrappy stuff for Sweet Peach Crop Shop & Let's Capture the keep checking back throughout the rest of the days....because there is alot of fun stuff coming down the pipe....but here are a few things I have created in these last days of procrastination:

{SPCS, BLOG POST 12-16, Shannon M.}

Those are the cards...that may or may not (probably the latter) make it to friends and family on time.

{SPCS, About NIne LO, Shannon M.}

This is a layout about Baby Boy's 9th...he insisted on wearing his St. Patrick's Day shirt as his day of birth is as big as a celebration as "his day"..... :)

{SPCS, Watch & Learn LO, Shannon M.}

...and this is a layout that is pretty self explanatory, I have to have more pictures like these. :)


So I am going to keep shortening my crazy list and encourage you to keep at yours if you have one and if you're one of those over achiever people who is all done, well then you can just laugh at me and my friends who aren't.

*{A Sweet Peach Friday}*

Hey everyone! The weekend is fast approaching and I wanted to share with a you a little of what I have been working on....there are some fabulous papers to piece together in this month's kit available over at SWEET PEACH CROP SHOP! I am going to share with you a few cards I made for a blog post that is featured over on the blog today, this week...all week long, tags and cards have been really must look at each entry...great stuff and great ideas!!! Our team has been hard at work this month creating all kinds of awesome stuff to help inspire you for the holiday and everyday!!! 

The kit is awesome too....psst....both kits are actually great and I am going to pick up the other one because I love it with a capital <3.....


Here are the two cards I created with SPCS!! I need to you to keep checking back because I will be posting stuff all month long. 

{Shannon M., SPCS, 12-2011}

{Shannon M., SPCS #2, 12-2011}

{Shannon M., SPCS close up, 12-2011}

Have a great Friday!! :) 

Christmas Blue Bird



It's really here....and it was completely apparent today as the littles began their Advent Calendars....thank you to BA for those!!! ...Paddy is battling a cold, yet still manages to push through his far of all his tests and quizzes and assignments due today...he has gotten an 11/12 on his Math Test...and he will for certain succeed on the rest of his academic ventures today...because he is just kiddos are AMAZING...and this is my December Daily today....I am recording the fact that they are amazing and while we haven't kicked off's the simple things to remember sometimes, it doesn't have to be some life changing revelation...or momentous occasion....their Advent reflection for today....."The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light." Isaiah 9:1

My kids are constantly inspiring me to be better and to keep trying and not give up, because they simply won't accept anything less. They are proud of me for who I am and love me fiercely. I am forever thankful for them...they changed my life in ways I recognize and ways I don't and I do not want to fail them. :) 

Lately I have been having inspiration in the oddest of places...well it's not really odd, but I guess what inspires me is odd...and I am always amazed at the it really can't be me creating must be someone else...I hope December inspires you to create great things....whether it's scrappy stuff, crafting or just a smile in the face of someone else. 

I want to share with you my blog post for today over at Let's Capture Our Memories....I was actually inspired by this pin at Pinterest:

Pinned Image

and it inspired me to create this....just a daily reminder to give thanks for all we have been given:

LCOM, 12-1 BLOG POST, Shannon M.

I used scrap loveliness from Tanya's store....Let's Capture Our Memories!!!

Be sure to check it out, it's a great community, blog,'s a whole bunch of scrappy goodness in one place!!!


Happy Monday and December 1st. :)


XOXO - Shannon