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*{January in a Nutshell}*

...if I had to describe it in a one word...would be..."colorful" I sit here updating my blog...I have two little people on either side of my decorating my face with various shades of eyeshadow....& brushing my hair with severe ferocity....they are quite endearing, they make each day beyond worth it. Even if at the moment I look like a KISS groupie. They need that laughter today as they say goodbye to their beloved Coach. 

...January was filled with good news, sad news, laughter, pain, confusion & emotion. I had every intention of documenting week by week...but the month was more than I could handle and so it's a monthly wrap up...still trying to document each moment and keep it locked in place, to be able to look back on. :) 

...January...has already gone by so quickly, and I feel like I haven't accomplished much...but looking back...I know this isn't true. It just feels that way. I just know we need to do more. 

Some of my favorite January moments....becoming a part of ScrapFIT and SRM Stickers.....mail from Bree....receiving my first box from SRM...Marin's 4th Birthday Party...the picture Mackenzie made of me, reminding me that I am doing something right....and my friends support of my craziness lurking within :) 

...So I am sharing January with you and I am sure...there will be more to come as I continue this year. :) I created this using scrappy stuff from the FABULOUS Let's Capture Our Memories (I *HEART* HEART *HEART* them!!)


....It is memory that enables a person to gather roses in January. - Author Unknown


In leap years, January always begings on the same day as April and July...


January brings the snow, makes our feet and fingers glow. - Sara Coleridge


Let's see what February brings.....


Heart Clip Art


A lot can be said for boxes. Boxes can contain things, keep things safe, brighten someone's day. Boxes are literally and figuratively used to restrict movement or provide a barrier...but boxes are also can contain surprises. 

Luckily this box is one of those boxes (AND YOU CAN FIND IT FEATURED OVER AT *{Let's Capture Our Memories}*'s a very unassuming box to begin with, but see what it turns into...

{Altered Box 1}

...this was a gift for my Mom for Christmas, and I always save stuff much to Karl's dismay to be upcycled....

{Altered Box 2} first, I was undecided what this was going to be exactly, but as came to me as I went along...

{altered box 3}

...this will be mailed to a certain someone in the box...

{altered box 4}

...wait for it... :) 

{altered box 5}

...and a few close-ups...

{altered box 6} more...

{altered box 7}


Have a wonderful Tuesday!!


*{Keep Checking over at SRM!}*

....I hope you're still tuning into SRM Stickers as all the FABULOUS  NEW RELEASES are still being shared!!! Don't forget to leave a comment over at SRM (become a follower first, if you aren't already!) -- because you could win an assortment of new releases!!!

Today NEW Fancy Sentiments are being released!!! :) Check it out!!




Aren't these fabulous??? I can see so many possibilities!!!! Make sure you become a follower and then leave a comment and you could recieve some too!!

*{A Magnificent Monday!}*

....why is Monday so *{MAGNIFICENT}* you ask?'s because I was asked to join SRM Stickers!!!! I am beyond, beyond excited to join this team....I am still pinching myself to see if I am dreaming!!!

DTheart DTflower DTcupcake DTbird


I will be working alongside these fabulous scrappers:


.....and that's not all.....MAKE SURE YOU STOP OVER AT SRM because there just might be a giveaway to celebrate...ok, ok...THERE TOTALLY IS!! SO get over there!!!! 

Thank you for sharing this happy news with me, it has been incredibly hard not to shout it to the rooftops!!! :) So excited!! Can't wait to share all the creations and inspiration with you!!!

*{...Embracing January...}*

...This year I find myself wanting to document every little thing..maybe it's the impending doom that precedes us...seeing as how 2012 seems to be the year of pre-determined eminent demise. I've never liked even numbers anyways...I only like writing number 8 and number 4...for they are not as stiff and hardy as 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9. 

...The year isn't really new anymore is it?  People have already abandoned their resolutions and are rushing into the next holiday or occasion. Others are plodding along day to day to make it work for them. Yet others are gung ho with change and resolution, having begun astronomical life changing craziness...hell bent on this being *the year*. While I applaud them in their efforts, I realize my own faults, and in my faults I am trying to accept that I am not *that* person. I will just keep doing what I am doing and make the changes I am comfortable making....further realizing,  I am the one who can't beat myself up over what everyone else's expectations are of me. (For me that is the Achille's Heel. My self doubt will defeat me everytime.)

...This is the year to remember all the little things, because all of these moments slip by so quickly. I am working on a 52 week type thing....and I will be sharing those pages with you throughout the year, in various posts and places. 

...I know you aren't used to serious posts from me, and I am not one to put all my "thoughts" out there....but it feels good to write it down and get it out. 

...That being said...I will be now sharing an adorable picture of {The Girls} and their "UP"-like fascination with squirrels. The squirrels are not merciful in their taunting by any means as Cinna & Meg run from window to window plotting what they would do if they actually caught one of these furry friends.

...*{The Girls}*...make me laugh hysterically..and I picture Meg having a voice like Alpha and Cinna a voice like Dug. :) Here they are peering out the window...glaring down the ominous squirrel population:


...Enjoy your Sunday and check back tomorrow as I have{EXCITING}news to share!!!

*{Friday is Fine}*

....this Friday in Georgia feels happily familiar. It's 28 degrees. That makes me happy. (People everywhere are rolling their eyes at me and my ridiculous love of winter and cold.)

....this gives me the perfect segway to share my layout that is featured over on the Let's Capture the Memories blog today....because it is cozy and warm, yet wintery at the same time, which is what I was going for since at the time it was almost 60 degrees outside -- which is kind of detrimental to the fact that I love patterned papers featuring snow and winter..bahahahha!

....the picture in this layout...makes me smile, everytime I look at it and I really wanted it to stand out. Thanks so much for letting me share it with you. :)

{LCOM 1-13-2012 Blog Post}

Happy Friday! Stay warm :) 

{it's like daffodils in january}

...if you live in Georgia.

{january in GA}

...January...already almost to the middle of it....time is already flying by..seriously...or I am simply in denial, yet again. 

...January has brought many good news, sleeping in, colds, ear infections, silly-ness, new things like Skyping with Ba, finding out friends made the team with you....and crazy things like Mackenzie's ear bleeding because she has an ear infection that is causing yet another tube to come's as if her ears are constantly waging a war...not to be outdone, her brother who almost never gets ear infections decided to share his little sister's pain and have one too in the exact same ear...right in time to go back to school....sigh.

...and the kiddos...back to school, I have to say, I miss them. <3 The house is entirely too quiet and I am still trying to get in the swing of things and routine...I have done all the laundry and cleaned almost everything....I even dusted, it's pure craziness...because I only dust when company is coming. That's how much I miss my kidlets!! 

...but...this is ok because I will be working on lots of new things, things that I am excited for!! in the melancholy of missing my littles...there is always something to be excited about and grateful for...and it was so fitting the other day when I came home from dropping them off on their first day back that there would be daffodils waiting for me in the yard....just popping up to show me that there is sun everywhere. I love a foggy, dreary day over a sunny day -- HANDSDOWN, that's just me, however on this day...I was looking for something cheery...and {Someone} must have been of course I had to run out and take pictures...and pretend like I am some super photographer. :) 

{daffodills in the yard 1}

{daffodill january 10}

There is always something to be grateful for.

...THAT is a constant thing I remind myself of. :)

----> for the birds...we'll make our own fun<----

....yes we shall...and we did, even the dogs had fun today. <3

The House of Ill continues...and so Momma-Girl continues to keep the sicky boy happy and The Divine Miss placated, thank goodness something from Pinterest provided us with great here is proof I don't sit wasting my days away ogling beautiful things on Pinterest...and that we actually *do* some of those pins...

...Winter Break Funday Blowout #2...because Lord knows we can't actually relax -- we have to be constantly engaged.....this poor girl's future husband. I fear for him...and Paddy...part martyr for putting up with her and actually at some times enjoying being her constant companion... :) 

...Paddy and Mack's wonderful Dad was crafty enough to realize that he could paint our dining room table with leftover Chalkboard Paint (after painting a large square of it for a project he is working on for me) and that took TTTWWWOOOO LOOOONNNNGGG AGONIZING DAYS (according to the girl) to dry....thankful for perfect timing...we ran some errands and had Panera Bread for breakfast...making sure to make the morning *especially* fun :) ...and immediately followed that with a trip to Target for mundane, everyday things and of course..the most important item -- CHALK!

...this, I have to say is one of the best gifts Karl has ever given me...they played together happily for over 4 hours....took a brief moment to spat over where things should go...and then returned to model children...

...In turn, this clearly elated the dogs and sent them happily running all over our yard in joy...

...racetracks....complete with a crazy bunch of fans..a criminal and Chewbacca...

{chalkboard paint & legos racetrack}

...picture of said crazy was "like, really hard to get tickets to this $900,000 Momma."...

{chalkboard paint & lego crowd}

...when the racetrack became monotonous...they resorted in a lego city that included a bank, a drivethru & drag racers....

{chalkboard paint & legos}

...I think it was the quiet and peace that made the dogs stircrazy...they clearly couldn't handle it and ran around for an inderterminable amount of time....enjoying the 55 degree weather and each other. :) 

{Cinna & Meg..out and about} I don't know how I will top this tomorrow, but I'm going to try....look at crazy Meg above...I laugh everytime I look at this picture becasue she is always bouncing like a goof...and Cinna is always looking as if she doesn't quite understand why this is...


Winter Clip Art