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*{Little Things add up to be Big Things}*

I keep reminding Paddy and Mack...that while we aren't always able to do all the things they want to do...that all the little things we do together each day will one day mean more then they realize. All the little things that they take for granted without realizing...they will one day be remembered with a smile. In the stories that they tell to their kidlets...or simply calling me and telling me how they were laughing at the pictures they're looking through and remembering. 

I know they don't see it now, but the sacrifices Karl and I have made for them to have the life they do will make all the difference as they become adults. 

I posted over on Let's Capture the Memories today -- and shared this canvas with everyone. It features the Simple Stories Generations Line and it urned out great. Make sure you stop by and check out everything that Tanya has going on there -- it's a lot and all of it is FABULOUS!

Anyways, thank you for letting me share a bit with you today and remember all the small things..they make the biggest difference. 

*{LCOM BLOG POST - Shannon M. #1}*

*{LCOM BLOG POST - Shannon M. #2}*

*{LCOM BLOG POST - Shannon M. #3}*
Have a great Monday everyone!!! Blog Images

*{A Bit O' Luck}*

If you check out the SRM Stickers blog today you will see some colorful designs. I am so lucky because they are mine!!!

Blog Images

SRM Stickers has the best stickers..they are so easy to work with and they are crisp, clean and super whimsical. :) I hope you check out the rest of the blog and leave some love for the other girls on our SUPER talented team. The inspiration on the team is endless. They are amazing! 

Blog Images

Here are the projects featured on the blog today and I have to say I love how they turned out. (Thank you for looking!!)

My St. Patrick's Day canvas featuring SRM Stickers:

{SRM Blog Post 2-21 12X12 Canvas}

Here's a close up of the stickers :) 

{SRM Blog Post 2-21, Close Up}

and here's a card and tube project I created too!

*{SRM - #1 - Shannon M.}*.}*

Have a wonderful Tuesday. LENT begins tomorrow, so Happy Fat Tuesday! 


*{No Clever Title Friday}*

Sometimes I run out of words, I know you don't believe that...especially those of you who endure my texting and/or phone calls...but I think my brain is fried this Friday -- it could be because I spilled coffee all over my scrapdesk and it sounded like A Christmas Story up in here...yeah, I just referenced A Christmas Story in February...which is totally fine...just sayin'. 

Today's share...FABULOUS WORK OUT #62 over at ScrapFIT...the girls really created some lovely stuff to inspire you -- so make sure you get over there and participate. The Design Team inspiration is magnificent!

Here's my contribution to that challenge:

*{ScrapFit Workout #62, Shannon M.}*

Here's a few close ups of the details...I have a thing for red right now-- so you're gonna see that alot.

*{#62 - WINGS}*


*{#62 - JAR OF HEARTS}*

Have a fine Friday friends. :) 

Red and Black Mushroom



*{A Couple 'O Announcements}*

First off....a winner...of Kristine Davidson's fabulous e-book:

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2012-02-16 13:54:23 UTC

So...that would mean the winner of my drawing is: Kristina!!!

Woot!! :) 

I will be needing your email address to forward to Kristine and CONGRATULATIONS!

...and because it ties in so well with the next thing I need to tell you...because it makes me break into a big geeky smile...I was asked by Kristine to be a part of the Creative Team at Creative Scrappers and I am totally excited about that!!!! (One of my favorite places EVAH!) It is such an honor. :)

It's a beautiful team of talent that will inspire you this time around..lookey here:


Olga Heldwein - Poland

Christin Grönnslett - Sweden
Jenny Evans - USA
Ana Castro - Brazil
Paty Proença - Brazil

Ana Paula Leal da Rocha - Brazil
Véronique Gagné - Canada
Stacey Apps - Australia
Kasia Krzymińska - Poland
Katarzyna Grzegorzewska - Poland

Nicole Nowosad - Canada
Shannon Morgan - USA
Kaori Fujimoto - Japan
Amanda Reddicliffe - Australia
Geneviève Leblanc - Canada

Erin Blegen - USA
Stephanie Hart - Canada
Melissa Ferguson- Canada
 Daniela de Sa - Brazil
Mija Comstad - Sweden

Happy Thursday!

AND FOR COACH - AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT IT MEANS TO BE AMAZING & A SERVANT...FAITH, STRENGTH, COURAGE...Everyone needs that reminder. He left a legacy and will continue to inspire others....he rocked and is always going to be a name in our house that inspires greatness.

Yeah Baby!


Star Clip Art

*{Happy Valentine's Day!}*

...Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day!...

....I am very excited because I get to share my Valentine's Day with SRM Stickers! A banner I created for the blog is featured today, make sure you go check it out and all the other *{FABULOUS}* projects our Design Team has created!!!! Those girls inspire me daily with their gorgeous, scrappy goodness!...

{SRM 2-14 - BANNER 4}
and a few close ups...

{SRM - 2-14 BANNER}

The SRM stickers are so great to work with and have such great quality!

{SRM 2-14 - BANNER3} really must pick up a few or 100!!

{SRM - 2-14 BANNER 2}

Have a great day today!



Did you know that there's a brand new e-book out?!?!!? And that it's totally amazing and inspiring?!?!?!

I know because I have seen it and's droolworthy!!


My amazingly talented friend Kristine Davidson over at Creative Scrappers is releasing her first e-book "Creating With Sketches" will be inspired and have a constant go to source for great sketches!!!

Here'a a peek of what you will find in the book:

{Shannon Morgan - ebook}-sneak peek

You can read it on your electronic devices or get a printed version too!
BUT..I am letting you know that I am giving away one e-book!
Leave me a comment and I will draw one name on February 14th,  spreading the love! :) 
(so you have until Midnight, February 13th to leave some love here and I will give some love back to one lucky winner!!)


Party Clip Art

*{ScrapFIT & Groundhog's Day!}*

BAHAHAHAH! Anyone who knows me, knows how much I *heart* Bill Murray, so of course I am going to add this photo to my would be ridiculous if I didn't!!!


I love Groundhog's Day literally and figuratively! Just had to share that!!

The real reason I am bringing you this post is to share with you the new DT at ScrapFIT debuted their first reveal on Workout #61...and it's *{STUNNING!}*

The Workout was to begin with a white space....a blank, open canvas if you will, and for those of you have followed me know that I am white space impaired...and must fill up each nook and cranny, leaving nowhere for the eye to this was beyond a challenge for me, it was more like a war. (...but I think I won.)

The challenge was actually perfect for the picture I wanted to feature. I wanted that picture to be the focal point as it is hilarious. It perfectly captures a typical day/holiday in the Morgan house. Now it is documented proof that all the things I try to describe to you with great effort is clear as day before you. Imagine me standing there trying to get everyone to sit still...Patrick is actually making bizarre, gutteral noises, Mackenzie squealing like a banshee, my Mom is sighing, Karl is counting, Meg is ready to pounce and Cinna is trying really hard to just bolt from the room....and I am asking for everyone to look at the camera....without much success. (But the picture is perfect the way it is, the kids will look back and remember how fun that Christmas was.)

{Scrapfit Workout #61 -Shannon M.} .}

Happy Groundhogs Day! Make sure you head over to ScrapFIT for the rest of the reveal and submit your own layout!!! :) 


Winter Clip Art