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Monday is Alright...

...with me.

I am going to be grateful for this day. Even if it is stupid Monday. :) 

Poor Monday, gets such a bad rap.

Luckily, I get to share something great with you on this case you didn't know already...ScrapFIT is a fabulous challenge you inspiration while also giving you the chance at some fabulous scrappy goodies. It's a win-win for you, you get some scrappy stuff accomplished, get to share it and receive love from DT members and other great scrappy peeps out ther...all while being in the running to win stuff!

Here's the latest challenge up at ScrapFIT:



Do you remember when Polaroid photos were the hot new way to take photos!  Well this workout is a tribute to the Polaroid!  We want to see a layout with a Polaroid photo. Dont have a Polaroid photo dont worry you can create a fake Polaroid!

Here's how I rose to the challenge...I had some polaroids from when I was little, but I just wasn't feeling it, so I created my own printing out my picture and cutting out the white space by hand. This worked out well because I could have an "enlarged" Polaroid. 

Thanks for looking and don't forget to add your layout over at ScrapFIT!

*{WORKOUT #70}*


(you could win a $25 gift voucher from  My Favorite Things: - read that right $25!)

So don't delay and get scrapping!

*{Sappy Sunday}*

❤ Let me take a sappy moment to tell my Daddy - Happy Father's Day! I love him, he's amazing & I am thankful to have him. ❤

And Happy Father's Day to Karl for being a great Dad to Grandmaster P & the Divine Miss M. ❤

I hope this Sunday finds you well. 

I have no creative segway this morning to introduce Sketch #213 from Creative Scrappers...I am busy with lots of cool projects at the moment; the part of my brain that creates the witty words in my posts is suffering a great block as all my brains swirling masses of thought are focused at the ideas that need to come out. ✄ ✍ ★

Without further ado, here's Sketch #213 from Creative Scrappers...


and here's how it inspired me:

#213 Shannon M.


To all the Dads out there...have a wonderful Father's Day & everyone else have a great Sunday!

*{windows are rolled down}*

...sun is setting high...

Summer is in full swing peeps. It's incredibly hot here at the Mouth of Hades. Marshmallows are being toasted and fire flies are lighting up the backyard nightly. 

Some people live for summer, I however, do not. Summer and I are not really close. We have our good times and yet mostly we are known for our disagreements...we have come to the conclusion that we just don't belong while Summer runs rampant, spreading "Summery" joy all about...I hang inside and give It the time It needs...until Autumn comes again to high five me and we can hang with Winter too. 

I kick into high gear creating and this season is no exception, I have tons going on and I am thankful and humbled for it!

Today's share are some more Smash Type pages...catching you up with April and May highlights in the bizarre House of Morgan. You'll find a TON of great SRM Stickers stuff in my pages. I cannot tell you enough how dearly I love SRM Stickers.

Thank you for looking:

*{SRM SMASH TYPE April 1}*

*{SRM Smash Type April 2}*

*{SRM Smash Type April #3}*

*{SRM Smash Type April #4}*

*{SRM Smash Type April #5}*

*{SRM Smash Type April #6}*

*{SRM Smash Type May #1}*

*{SRM Smash Type May #2}*

*{SRM Smash Type May #3}*

☁ ☂ Rain Motivated Monday ☂ ☁

It's FINALLY raining really raining. 

(You have no idea how much you miss rain, until it rarely happens...)

Rain is my favorite.



Rain.  。◕‿◕。 

One of the many reasons rain makes me happy, my scrappy mojo kicks in.

Here's something to motivate you this Monday -- the latest sketch at CREATIVE SCRAPPERS -- #211, designed by Nicole of my scrappy friends & favorite scrappers ever!




As ALWAYS...the team created BEAUTIFUL designs for the reveal..and here's how it inspired me:

{#211, Shannon M.}


Have a splendid Monday -- whatever you weather may be and whatever you may be doing. ❤

Is It Really June 1st?

It must be, the calendar tells me this is so. Yet, somehow my brain is not computing this to be reality. I suppose it is just some sort of surface denial as I longingly wished that I was listening to Christmas Carols the other must be some sort of subconscious creep-up. 

This year has already been so full and I am looking ahead seeing no end in sight...which is a good thing. I am looking ahead to the rest of summer too which is rare, as I loathe the hot summers here in is cloudy, which means it's a good day for scrapping and workbooks and reading. ✄ ✎ ☺

To further your inspiration I am sharing the latest ScrapFIT Workout! It's a workout with our Creative Trainer Diana Fisher...and it's a great workout indeed:


Here's what I did with Diana's sketch:

*{Shannon M., ScrapFIT #69}*

If you haven't joined in on the Workouts over at really should, it's fun, easy and you have a chance at some great prizes!(Like a GC from HollyCraft Originals for iinstance!)

Have a good Friday and a great weekend!