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№➁➁➂ ☛ ❉ Creative Scrappers Sunday ❉ ☚ №➁➁➂

Sundays show up so look forward to Friday all week and then it flies by along with Saturday, causing you to ponder the unfair passage of time. 

I hope this Sunday is one you are enjoying. Even if your Sunday consists of routine things like laundry, dishes and the weekly grocery store's routine and comfort can be found in routine. 

Sundays are also good for checking out/catching up on your favorite Creative Scrappers. There's a new sketch up each Sunday. Also part of a great routine which is relaxing and getting inspired for the week ahead.

Sketch #223 is up this week....creeping ever so closer to #225...which is going to be great! Another milestone for Kristine! Which is totally exciting! She will be celebrating #225 in a big way in September...with a blog hop with the designers! Each designer will feature their favorite CS Sketch and layout to match, with giveaways and prizes as well! So stay tuned for that!

Meanwhile here's #223:



Here's how Juliana's sketch inspired me:


#223 Shannon M.

Enjoy this Sunday. ❤ 

❉ ♡ Little Yellow Bicycle..♡ ❉

To some these three words means absolutely nothing...but to those of you who do know what it means...I am so excited to share with you....that I was selected to create with Little Yellow Bicycle for the Makin' the Grade collection! (I still pinch myself...3 days later!)

To me this means so much and I am so excited to share this news with you!


★ ☠ Dreaming of Jack the Pumpkin King... ☠ ★

It's no secret that October is my favorite month of the year...I get a gleam in my eye and the world starts to look like one of my favorite Tim Burton movies sprinkled with marks many things for me each Grandma and Grandpa's brthdays...remembered each year....followed by my Momma's birthday ❤ & mine...and most anticipated...HALLOWEEN! Not only is it like the best holiday also for me always marks the beginning of the holiday Halloween I have already listened to Christmas carols.....a little fun detail for you......when I was a little of my birthday gifts was getting to listen to a Christmas song...and I always chose Little Snow Girl sung by John Gary. Looking back, my absolute favorite part was big, bright orange pumpkins...and watching The Great Pumpkin...Paddy and Mack indulge me in the mutual love of anything it's a staple here and it's just not the same if we don't watch it...oh I ramble, but I can't get enough of October....which leads me to the purpose of this post:


SRM -Shannon M. Multiples

SRM STICKERS has a whole bunch of great Halloween stickers and even better tubes to adorn with stickers...that you can fill with sweet treats for family and friends.

SRM - Shannon M. Multiples 2



★ yes...I am already creating Halloween stuff! And you should be too...just sayin' ★


№➆➃ ...❉{Rushing By}❉... №➆➃

This year is rushing is in first week full swing...we've already battled homework and dragging in the morning. I am staring at a young man and a little lady groggily shoveling in breakfast and grumbling at me as I tease them. I still live in denial of this, that they are really this old. Sometimes it feels like life is dragging by...this is not one of those times. 

This is one of those times where I am celebrating all of the amazing things that make Patrick and Mackenzie simply amazing....but at the same time my head is spinning at the fact that the boy hits double digits this year, wants to make us pancakes and can send inquiries to web support without batting an eye...and the girl outspunks me on almost every level...and beats me legitamitely at tic-tac-toe and isn't afraid to tell me my face is looking shiny.

The WORKOUT over at ScrapFIT was the perfect jumping off point for this. Sara, our Head Trainer comes up with fabulous challenges! This week is no exception,  featuring a sketch created by the super talented Diana Fisher:




I loved working with this sketch:


Workout #74, Shannon M.


Jump in on this challenge and you are going to get a chance to win:

The very first LowCal FITkit - All the fun of a big kit but done of the fat! 

This fabulous kit of embellishments is also available to you NOW in the Paper Issues Store and if you use the code FITKIT at checkout you will get 20% off
Have a great Wednesday. ❤


№➁➁➀ ☛ ❉Creative Scrappers Sunday❉ ☚ №➁➁➀

It's Back-to-School Eve here in the Morgan household. This is a bittersweet time. While I am already planning what I will be working on, I know I will be lonely in the silence. The kids are making the most of their last day, sleeping in and playing on the computer. I picture Patrick suffering withdrawal symptoms by midmorning tomorrow. 

I am so lucky to have such wonderful kids. They are always (mostly) happy to help (unless I am interrupting a heated game of Wii or Lego building), they don't complain much and they are not caught up in "what's in it for me?". They make me laugh everyday. I don't have to argue with them. I will really miss them during the day!

Not gonna lie, I do look forward to more time to create though, yo. ❤

Here's the latest sketch up at Creative Scrappers! #221! It's so very close to a new milestone for Kristine!! ♥  It's very versatile and fun to work with. It was created by the supa talented Nicole Nowosad:


Here's how her sketch inspired me:

Shannon M. #221

To win a prize package from Creative Scrapper's August sponsor Ginger Snap Scraps complete at least one layout from sketches # 219-220-221-222-223 and upload it using our inLinkz at the bottom of our reveals. The deadline to submit your layout(s) is September 1, 2012.

♡。✿ Sharing Thursday with SRM Stickers ✿。♡

Sharing a little SRM love with you this morning! If you haven't checked out SRM Stickers lately you must...there are so many great things going on there right now. New releases and fantastic designs by the showing everyday!

Today Jenyfur and Susan featured some more of my SmashType pages. I am muddling through the year with like some monthly recap pages and I am using SRM stickers to accomplish this. They work perfectly. They are perfect for adding exactly what's needed to your pages.






☆★ № ➆➂ ScrapFIT...I remember... № ➆➂ ★☆

Workout #73 at ScrapFIT is all about the two words, "I Remember"...

This particular workout was a challenge for me because there are way too many things I would like to document and remember. I don't know that I would ever really accomplish that. So I started looking through old photos. I found myself  looking back through all the changes the kids have gone through in their short little lives. They have lived in 3 different states, moved five times already and the thing that sticks out the most...through it all they remain smiling.

I don't know what that says other than they refuse to sink, feel badly, let life beat them down. They choose happiness, they choose to lean on each other and get through it all together. I have so many pictures of them smiling, it was hard to pick just a few. I picked pictures that were brand new beginning pictures, the remaining few were for happy familiarity.

I think this workout is one that everyone needs to try. Whether you need to remember something joyful, something painful, something need to complete this workout.



And.....*EXCITING NEWS*...ScrapFIT has teamed up with Paper Issues (because they have an amazing amounts of new products and ship super fast!) to bring you FITkits!

So the winner of Workout #73 will win the very first FITkit!
Enjoy your Wednesday! ❤