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•♥•♥•♥•♥ ☜ Planning Ahead With SRM Stickers ☞ ♥•♥•♥•♥•♥•

I know it's a bit early for Christmas...seeing as it's Halloween today, but I am sharing with you anyways! It's never to early to start creating for the ScrapLand we're already focusing on Valentine's Day and beyond...this project posted today over at SRM Stickers will give you plenty of time to create your own gift tags. 

SRM has a great line of Labels by the Dozen....the possibilities are endless!!! They offer great versatility and the colors are vibrant, crisp and interchangeable! 

Here are some gifttags I created using these fabulous stickers:










Have a Fa-boo-lous Halloween!

✉★②③①★Chaos and Creativity★②③①★✉

It's what I do best. Some people may cringe at the thought of moving, quickly picking up and packing up due to a down to the wire closing date...but being married to my husband, who I have deemed "The Irish Traveler"...this is just something that I laugh in the face of. Perhaps this comes from moving each year (sometimes twice) since we have come to the South. This time it would seem we will be settled and add our humorous, slightly (ok probably more than slightly) dysfunctional Yankee roots to a little part of this vast planet. Or maybe I am just clearly in denial as I type this to you and realize that I have packed up pretty much everything except my scrappy things...I stare at them lovingly and cannot bring myself to put them in another box. It may be a combination of both. It could be that I have moved enough times over the years that it just seems like another day...all I know is that it hasn't halted my creativity. I seem to push through the strain of the move, the upheaval and making things brings me peace.

My longwinded whine/rant/explanation above is all leading up to great things below......see below.♥  

CREATIVE SCRAPPERS is revealing Sketch #231 this morning...this sketch is created by none other than super, uber talented Nicole Nowosad



Here's how this sketch inspired me:


#231, shannon m.


Don't forget that Creative Scrappers has a fantastic October sponsor! And it's easy to get in the running:

To win a prize package from our October sponsor Freckled Fawn complete at least one layout from our sketches #228-229-230-231-232 and upload it using our inLinkz at the bottom of the reveals on the Creative Scrappers blog.  The deadline to submit your layout(s) is November 1 2012.

Have a great Sunday! ☼

♥ⓛⓞⓥⓔ♥☜ A Woot for Tuesday! ☞♥ⓛⓞⓥⓔ♥

Tuesday is usually a great day in my book I have the dreaded Monday behind me...and it's one day closer to Friday..which means I may actually sleep past 7 am on Saturday if I let Paddy stay up late on Friday.  

(Usually, this means Patrick will wake up at 6 am anyways because Saturdays mark the new season of Star Wars Clone Wars...sigh. ) 

This Tuesday...I get to share with you that I will be designing for Zig Kuretake! Here's the announcement:

Usa design team

Welcome, welcome welcome to the talented and delightful USA & Canada Design Team!!  We would like to introduce you all to the following new members to our team.....

Rebecca Morefield-Wagner
me!!!  ☞   Shannon Morgan

The above talented ladies will be creating some fantastic inspirational projects over the next coming months and will join:

Susan K. Weckesser 



THANKS for letting me share!  ◕ ‿ ◕

I look forward to sharing great designs and ideas with you from Kuretake!

.•♥• Perfect (well...almost) Monday Morning •♥•.

Monday, sweet Monday....let me first off tell you it is a perfect rainy Monday to: enjoy coffee, read, do laundry, bake, scrapbook...create in any medium or genre....☂ is not a perfect rainy Monday to drive anywhere in Hades as it seems that it quite the challenge for natives...rain is like a big horrifying surprise each time. I try not to be judgemental as they would surely call me a wuss for not being able to come outside for more than half the year for fear I melt in the overly-oppressive heat...but being from Michigan, I laugh in the face of rain. It's completely humorous to me, aggravating to Patrick and boring to Stella...this is after our car ride took an excruciating turn for the worse...and Patrick was having a dramatic performance episode throwing his hands up in the air and exclaiming, "Oooohhhh, we're going to be tardy! I just know it, I don't want to be tardy...why!?!?!? Why is this happening to me?!?!" Mackenzie combats this with telling him to: "Get a grip." And I am trying not to (quoting my friend Erin here)bang my head on the steering wheel repeatedly...I have returned home to a quiet house and am enjoying this immensely today.

Friends....because I am a giver....I am going to give you some great inspiration for a great workout going on at ScrapFIT right in posted this morning...and also post the fabulous prize that if you enter the challenge...will be in the running to win...which you do not want to miss out on...seriously!

This is Workout #78 going on right now at ScrapFIT created for you than none other then the fabulous Creative Trainer Diana Fisher:



Here's what I did with this versatile, fun sketch:


ScrapFIT #78

Get ready for it...this is the fabulous prize up for grabs if you add your own entry to this challenge from PAPER ISSUES:


October low cal FITkit


Let the creating begin...and enjoy your Monday!

★·.·´¯`·.·★☆☆*{Being a Part of a Supreme Team}*☆☆★·.·´¯`·.·★

I know I shared via facebook....

I may or may not have even Wooted! (to quote my friend Jessica ♥)

....but I am now going to obnoxiously share this on my blog too. I have had the honor of working with Kristine for awhile now...and being asked to serve on her Creative Team is always a big squee and a dorky email reply of letting her know how much I heart her and am so excited to accept. That feeling of being recognized will never get old, and it is even more of an honor when it is asked by someone authentic and full of heart.

So without further ado...the Creative Scrappers new team coming up...look at all those fabulous team members! I have the awesome pleasure of being scrappy friends with some of them and I can't wait to know the rest:




Have a very happy Friday and a great weekend too!

★☠*{SRM & Solid Commitment to Halloween}*☠★

I am a long time supporter and a slightly obsessed Halloween junkie. I think this perhaps stems from the fact that my birthday is so very close...or that Halloween is like a tip off of holidays for me. I am still negotiating costumes with Paddy and Stella...I think I may actually convince them to be Linus and Snoopy...or some other fun pairing. I am quite sure I walk around with a childlike glint in my eye...and I am almost downright cheery...almost. Paddy asked me this morning if I would be Lucy. And I laughed and said, " fact that's very fitting of me, isn't it?" ....his answer: a smirky smile accompanied with an eyeroll...because he really wants to be a Grim Reaper or some fantasticly disturbing zombie...which we all know of my abnormal fear of zombies as in I look for escape plans of buildings and seek out building in my surrounding area that have minimal windows to board up and a roof that is not reachable...a problem...a 

This obsession of Halloween spills over in to much of my life....looking at the store..buying things I don't really need, but they are pumpkin flavored, so I must have them! (I do this despite my husband's twitching eye for the remainder of each year....) I am actively viewing scary movies...and Halloween specials and quoting Charlie Brown and Lucy...I am singing "This is Halloween" and making my children crazy...and it's ok...because it inspires me to create great Halloweeny things! SRM Stickers...feeds this is such great ways as they have a great variety of HALLOWEEN's something I whipped up see below:





I may or may not play Thriller in the carline today...hmmmmm.....have a great Wednesday!

Hooray for sketches & Sundays!

....more specifically Sundays where it's only 53 degrees! It's very likely there will be a news report about a happily, crazed woman running amuck in Georgia....


Happy Thanksgiving to all of my favorite Canadian peeps!

Enjoy your day with family and friends!!


I look forward to Sundays anyways because that means there is a new sketch up at Creative Scrappers and most of you (LUCKY poops!) are experiencing much colder weather than me and will either be celebrating Thanksgiving with family or scrapping! So you need this dose of fabulous inspiration today!


Here is this aforementioned fabulous sketch created by Janice Daquila-Pardo:



You really need to check out the reveal as it is magnificent...but here's how the sketch inspired me (I was also strangely inspired by me Coke Vanilla Zero can too!):


#229, Shannon M.


And I am pretty sure that you will want to submit layouts to each and every sketch this the sponsor is FRECKLED FAWN! 

Freckled Fawn is owned and managed by Doe and Deer.
Doe had a little dream and with a lot of hard work, a lot of prayer, and one very handy Deer, her dream came true.
Freckled Fawn officially opened in January 2012. By the end of the year they carried over 300 different decorative tapes. It had become quite a sticky addiction. In September they released their first line of washi tape (designed by Lili Niclass and Shanna Nalywaiko). In October they will release their first set of wood chips.
Freckled Fawn's philosophy is to provide their customers with quality merchandise (specializing mainly in decorative tapes), but their hearts will ever be with the handcrafted community--thus the creation of the OHdeerME Indie Endeavor. Freckled Fawn is a small business and they support small businesses. Doe and Deer have big plans for Freckled Fawn.

To win a prize package from our October sponsor Freckled Fawn complete at least one layout from the sketches # 228-229-230-231-232. Deadline to submit your layout(s) is November 1 2012.

❤ ✄ ✉ ☞ World Card Making Day 2012 & SRM Stickers ☜ ✉ ✄ ❤

Crafty people everywhere are creating cards like mad today...and scrapland is celebrating in a big way! There is inspiration abound! 


SRM Stickers is no stranger to card making...they bring you fabulous cards ALL year long! Today is no exception...there are cards featured on the blog today that are totally highlighting SRM's versatile, beautiful BORDER STICKERS! Like this:

SRM WCMD, Shannon M.

Not only is SRM bringing you design inspiration...they're also bringing you a challenge!!! (With prizes!)



Use one of our Designer cards above as inspiration to create a *new* card using SRM Stickers. Upload it into our Gallery with the tag, "srmwcmd2012" and we'll choose a lucky winner to receive a HUGE SRM Prize Package that includes;

ALL Border Sticker Sets

ALL Fancy Sticker Sets


Be sure to mention which border card inspired you. We'll hook you up with stickers to create cards for months to come. Upload your challenge entry into our Gallery by the end of the weekend and we'll announce a winner on Tuesday. Good luck - we can't wait to see what YOU do with this challenge!


*❤{A Beautiful Start to OCTOBER}❤*


It's October!

It's my favorite month! In this month I remember my Grandpa, Grandma & Angelgirl ❤ And I celebrate my Momma!

And of course Halloween!

It's rainy today. It's the perfect start to this month, even if today started out a little shaky! It is a day to be thankful. It's raining! ☂ And a cold front is pushing through...I may do a dance of joy in the driveway. 

I also get to share a new ScrapFIT Workout with you today! Workout #77! It's features flags, Sara writes:  Let your flag wave high with this Workout!  We love the new little hand made flags that are popping up all over!  Show us a hand made flag on a layout or card.  Be creative with your flag – put your title on it, make it pop and be unique!

The ScrapFIT team came up with so many different and inspiring examples for you!! There is something to inspire everyone!!

Here's my example:

Shannon M, WORKOUT #77


This workout does not go unrewarded! If you participate in this are then entered for the chance to win this FIT KIT from Paper Issues:

October fitkit titled


So enjoy your Monday...wherever you are and whatever the weather may be! Get started on this Workout! You don't want to miss out!