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I have this's called "Shannon Luck"


It's basically the very thing that keeps me from ever being a ridiculously animated person. I live in constant hope that my life won't be like a Tom and Jerry episode, but it never quite works out that way. 


Meanwhile, I maintain a great sense of humor and an infinite amount of ability to roll with the punches and successfully handle stressful situations.


This doesn't excuse the fact that I am suffering through major "Shannon Luck" right now. I figured it could at least snow...but that's not even happening, so I create snow, snowmen and all things wintry in  this lame weather's place.


I used some PPPR files for this card, you'll find: Snowy Scene Cutting FilesSweet Snowman Cutting Files and A2 Card Bases 1 Cutting Files


PPPR 12-10-15, Shannon M.


Here's a close up of that snowman:


PPPR Snowman Closeup, Shannon M.


Thank you for letting me share with you today!