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Written on our Hearts ♥

Hi, Shannon here on this chilly morning, hope this entry finds you well wherever you are. ♥
I love Bible Journaling and want to share my latest entry with you.  It's a perfect reflection for this most beautiful time of year.
The words of God are written on our hearts. Sometimes they are super hard to hear because there is so much stuff in the way. I hope you take time to find quiet and listen. It is only then that you can hear Him. You can certainly pray for guidance and discernment too. He is always speaking to us, we just have to listen and go with our conscience. You've got this, sending you love and peace in any chaos you are facing in your lives.
I cannot tell you how much I love working with the watercolors that Susan carries. They cover however you need them to..they can be opaque or's all in the application, and they blend so well. It's so easy to be inspired by the colors available in the sets. 
I am thankful to design for Susan and share with you. Thank you for stopping in and checking out the blog today!
SRM Bible Journaling 2 Maccabees, Shannon M.
Here are the SRM products I used:  
Have a great week! ♥


Share Joy ♥

Getting your list checked off?!? I'm cutting in on your Monday for a moment here with another tag set sure to help you get in the spirit to spread joy this season!

Handmade tags are such an easy way to convey love, in this crazy world, it's so hard to get wrapped up in ourselves. Taking a few minutes to make something for someone else is actually a gift to them...and to you. You took time to give to someone else and put them first. You in turn, took time for you, to slow down and work on something that brings you happiness. 
Make sure you do that this time of year. Slow down and enjoy. Find happy in each day!

Be Merry! ♥

Are you looking for festive gift tag ideas? Today I am sharing some gift worthy tags with you using SRM! 

There are so many ways to create tags, the possibilities really are endless. I created these tags with traditional gift wrap in mind. You can always use tags too...last minute gifts that pop up, tags are great for wrapping around a hostess gift or a teacher gift...or for that oddly shaped gift we always seem to have that is hard to wrap! 
I took a picture of each tag for you so you could see that even though some of the designs are the same, they all turn out to be uniquely their own tag. Handmade really is bestmade. ♥

You'll find a bunch of SRM Products tucked here and there on these tags!
Thanks for looking! 
Hope I have inspired you to create some tags for your friends and family also!