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St. Patrick's Day is a glorious day, it's a very beloved holiday in our house. I've already begun listening to The Irish Rovers, The Cheiftans, The Clancy Brothers and also one of my favorites, the Dropkick Murphys...there's no end to Irish festivity in our house. There's magic to be found everywhere as March rushes in. I also like to give wee gifts during St. Patrick's Day, Glue Dots® definitely helped me make a beautiful gift bag, worthy of my Irish Princess, Mackenzie Margaret Catherine. 

I'm sharing with you how I created this bag step-by-step with you. ❤

GD, SPD 1, March Blog Post, Shannon M.

First step in your project process is adhering that doily to the burlap bag, guess what?!?! Glue Dots® Advanced Strength makes this an easy job! You're also thinking, man, a paper doily! Those are so delicate! No worries, Glue Dots® Advanced Strength are up for the job, adhering that doily without tearing or ripping. I added the dots to the burlap bag first, and then pressed the doily to the burlap. 

GD, SPD 2, March Blog Post, Shannon M.

The next step in your process is taking your cut file (4 Flap Nesting Window Card - Square) and setting it in front of you. You're going to adhere the inner square using your Permanent Glue Dots®.

GD, SPD 3, March Blog Post, Shannon M.

You'll want to adhere each flap from widest to thinnest. I used  Permanent Glue Dots® for this. Your folded flaps should look like the picture below.

GD, SPD 4, March Blog Post, Shannon M.

There's a perfect little square, just right for a sentiment. I have that sentiment, "Happy St. Pat's Day" (SRM Stickers Quick Card/Lucky). You will want to use Pop Up Glue Dots® to make the sentiment stand out. These dots are perfect for dimension. 

GD, SPD 5, March Blog Post, Shannon M.

After adhering your square to the doily (again using Permanent Glue Dots®), you're going to grab your polaroid frame file (Polaroid Heart Cream and Sugar) and set the heart aside and save for another project or card. Using the dimensional dots again, add dots to each corner (use scissors to trim in half and layer). Press the frame slightly off center as pictured. You can then add the sticker stitch to the bottom left of the frame. 

GD, SPD 6, March Blog Post, Shannon M.

Now it's time to add the final touches, I added a shamrock (5 Clover Shamrock Set) to the lower right corner. The "LUCKY" is a sticker on vellum and then adhered with Permanent Glue Dots®. Using  Mini Glue Dots®, place sequins on the project in a perfectly random way, what I mean by this is make it look as if the sequins naturally fell that way. You may have to toss the sequins in the air and see how they fall, or you may just have an eye for it. Cut a length of baker's twine and wrap it around the shamrock stem, tie a bow and use some additional Mini Glue Dots® to tack down the ends of the bow. Tuck a paper clip onto the "LUCKY" and you're almost done!

GD, SPD 7, March Blog Post, Shannon M.

Cut a fairly long length of St. Patrick's Day ribbon, I found this ribbon in my stash. I tied a bow and used a Permanent Glue Dots® to adhere it to the square as shown. I then used more dots to create the "folds". You can create your own flowy ribbon, by manipulating the ribbon the way you'd like and use your dots to tack it down to the burlap bag or doily, depending on how the ribbon lays. 

GD, SPD 8, March Blog Post, Shannon M.

Here's the completed gift bag, it's going to be a great way to share some St. Paddy's Day cheer. Thank you for letting me share with you! (You can add the gold glitter and gold mist if you'd like, this is totally optional!)

GD, SPD, FINAL, March Blog Post, Shannon M.