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Thanks a Ton! ❤

Sometimes a Monday, is truly a Monday. 
There's no way around it, sometimes you're just bound to have a "terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day"...and sometimes you have great family and friends to get you through these times. One of the simplest things you can do is say thank you. This can be as simple as a phone call, but why not go a step further and send a quick note? 
I'm sharing a thank you with you on this Monday, especially since I am posting this rather late, thank you for understanding and have a great Monday! Here's to all of us making it through to Tuesday! This is a Pretty Cute Stamps *{NEW RELEASE}*:
PCS 2-27-2017, Shannon M. Thanks a Ton
Have a great Monday! ❤

★ Lucky You ★

St. Patrick's Day is a glorious day, it's a very beloved holiday in our house. I've already begun listening to The Irish Rovers, The Cheiftans, The Clancy Brothers and also one of my favorites, the Dropkick Murphys...there's no end to Irish festivity in our house. There's magic to be found everywhere as March rushes in. I also like to give wee gifts during St. Patrick's Day, Glue Dots® definitely helped me make a beautiful gift bag, worthy of my Irish Princess, Mackenzie Margaret Catherine. 

I'm sharing with you how I created this bag step-by-step with you. ❤

GD, SPD 1, March Blog Post, Shannon M.

First step in your project process is adhering that doily to the burlap bag, guess what?!?! Glue Dots® Advanced Strength makes this an easy job! You're also thinking, man, a paper doily! Those are so delicate! No worries, Glue Dots® Advanced Strength are up for the job, adhering that doily without tearing or ripping. I added the dots to the burlap bag first, and then pressed the doily to the burlap. 

GD, SPD 2, March Blog Post, Shannon M.

The next step in your process is taking your cut file (4 Flap Nesting Window Card - Square) and setting it in front of you. You're going to adhere the inner square using your Permanent Glue Dots®.

GD, SPD 3, March Blog Post, Shannon M.

You'll want to adhere each flap from widest to thinnest. I used  Permanent Glue Dots® for this. Your folded flaps should look like the picture below.

GD, SPD 4, March Blog Post, Shannon M.

There's a perfect little square, just right for a sentiment. I have that sentiment, "Happy St. Pat's Day" (SRM Stickers Quick Card/Lucky). You will want to use Pop Up Glue Dots® to make the sentiment stand out. These dots are perfect for dimension. 

GD, SPD 5, March Blog Post, Shannon M.

After adhering your square to the doily (again using Permanent Glue Dots®), you're going to grab your polaroid frame file (Polaroid Heart Cream and Sugar) and set the heart aside and save for another project or card. Using the dimensional dots again, add dots to each corner (use scissors to trim in half and layer). Press the frame slightly off center as pictured. You can then add the sticker stitch to the bottom left of the frame. 

GD, SPD 6, March Blog Post, Shannon M.

Now it's time to add the final touches, I added a shamrock (5 Clover Shamrock Set) to the lower right corner. The "LUCKY" is a sticker on vellum and then adhered with Permanent Glue Dots®. Using  Mini Glue Dots®, place sequins on the project in a perfectly random way, what I mean by this is make it look as if the sequins naturally fell that way. You may have to toss the sequins in the air and see how they fall, or you may just have an eye for it. Cut a length of baker's twine and wrap it around the shamrock stem, tie a bow and use some additional Mini Glue Dots® to tack down the ends of the bow. Tuck a paper clip onto the "LUCKY" and you're almost done!

GD, SPD 7, March Blog Post, Shannon M.

Cut a fairly long length of St. Patrick's Day ribbon, I found this ribbon in my stash. I tied a bow and used a Permanent Glue Dots® to adhere it to the square as shown. I then used more dots to create the "folds". You can create your own flowy ribbon, by manipulating the ribbon the way you'd like and use your dots to tack it down to the burlap bag or doily, depending on how the ribbon lays. 

GD, SPD 8, March Blog Post, Shannon M.

Here's the completed gift bag, it's going to be a great way to share some St. Paddy's Day cheer. Thank you for letting me share with you! (You can add the gold glitter and gold mist if you'd like, this is totally optional!)

GD, SPD, FINAL, March Blog Post, Shannon M.




Joyful Noise ❤

Often in this life, when we are caught up in ourselves and the daily trials and successes, we forget that we are being cared for and looked after. It's easy to do. You're focusing on your household, your children, your spouse or partner, your job, your obligations, your family, your friends, the groceries, the bills, laundry, things that may be troubling you inwardly, this list goes on and on...this is all stuff that is in the way.
God understands this, He doesn't expect perfection, He expects you to keep trying. 
His reach doesn't end with you and me, it reaches everywhere. He is present everywhere and is waiting to hear from us. He is present for anyone willing to seek Him. Just keep seeking and looking and you'll find Him everywhere. 
This reading inspired me to create this bible journal entry. I hope I can inspire you! You'll find some brand new SRM goodies on this page.  The new calligraphy pens aren't just for handlettering! They can create awesome borders and branches. You'll love the Gel Reminisce pen. It is smooth, the coverage on the page and other mediums is wonderful! If you haven't picked up the watercolor pencils from SRM, you should..they are perfect for blending and they cover so nicely. You'll really love them, I know I write about them in every blog post to you, but it's because they truly are wonderful!
SRM Products that were used above: 

Little Lamb ❤

It's always an abrupt transition from preparing for the birth of Jesus to his adulthood and acceptance of what He's about to take on. This entry is still in the celebration of Christmas for my faith, yet here we are reading about John the Baptist declaring that Jesus is THE ONE! 
My mind is still stuck in infant Jesus land and we're already reading about grown up Jesus. I couldn't help drawing a baby lamb, because as infinite as Jesus becomes, he was still a sweet, vulnerable, beautiful baby boy. Being a mom, I identify with this, I am looking up into my Paddy's face now and it seems just that fast...he was a baby and it seems to have flown by. I can't help but think of him as my baby. I can't help but think of Mary feeling this way, especially once she realized what Jesus was going to endure. As always, I remain thankful for Mary's yes and Jesus being strong enough to tell his Father in Heaven, yes.
I couldn't have drawn that sweet lamb quite the way I wanted to without a perfect white pen. SRM Stickers has just that pen. It's light when you need it to be, the lamby swirls, or heavy when you need it, bordered letters. Thank you for letting me share with you and I hope you are inspired today!
SRM BIBLE JOURNALING 2017, Little Lamb, Shannon M.


You Are So Tweet ❤

Good morning! Hope this chilly Wednesday (well, here in the Mitten state!) finds you well. I am hanging onto what remains of winter as tightly as I can, because it is my favorite. Spring is "meh" and we all know I loathe summer. 

I am a huge fam of smiling food and smiling animals. Today I'm sharing a card of the smiling animal variety with you. This card is a perfect fit for any wintery greeting you need to send. 

It's featuring the Winter Birdie Cutting Files available now in the Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons store:

PPPR 2-2017, Shannon M, Blog Post

Thanks for letting me share with you! ❤

Be Mine ❤ With Glue Dots®

I admit it, I struggle with Valentine's Day. It's just not my favorite, this year, I was determined to create some Valentine's Day cards! Glue Dots® made this a reality, and an easy one at that. I'm sharing with you how I created this card step-by-step with you. ❤

GD 2-2017, BP1, Shannon M.

You'll want to gather up some Valentine-y supplies, a card base (either store bought or hand cut) and of course your Glue Dots®.

You're going to use your Permanent Glue Dots® to adhere the patterned bag piece to the card base. You can then adhere the "xo" patterned paper layer to the patterned bag. This card is now ready to go and add more layers and finishing touches.

GD 2-2017, BP2, Shannon M>

The next layer you'll want to add is the heart doily. I again used Permanent Glue Dots® as shown in the photo below. 

GD 2-2017, BP 3, Shannon M.

Adhere the cardstock heart into the center of the doily.

GD 2-2017, BP 4, Shannon M. .

Locate your label. Place the vellum beneath it and eyeball making it stick up about a 1/2 inch above the label. Tear a strip of vellum to slightly overlap the bottom of your label. Of course use your Glue Dots® to adhere the vellum layer to the aqua heart leaving the border revealed below.

Add your punched paper piece. Adhere to the left of the label. Wrap twine a few times around the bottom of the card and knot tightly. Take pink ribbon and create loops and place in the middle of the knot. Tie the loops tight. Fluff the bow you have created and add a Mini Glue Dots® to the back of the bow, adhering it securely to the card.

GD 2-2017, BP5, Shannon M.

Here is a look at the finished card, thank you for letting me share with you today!

GD 2-2017, BP6, Shannon M.
 Want a look at the layers? Here's a side shot!GD 2-2017, BP7, Shannon M.

Thanks for letting me share with you today! Spread some love today! ❤

★Hello Baby!★

Good morning! Hope this Friday finds you well! It's my second post, and I think I am as excited as when I made my first post! I'm even more excited to share a new collection with you, "Hello Baby Boy" because we have a new baby boy arriving in our family this spring! My cousins Jaclyn, Bobby and Leo will be welcoming a new family member, we are all very excited! What better way to celebrate with you than to share some Hello Baby Boy inspiration?!?!

I am sharing not 1, not 2, not 3, but 6 cards with you today using the new release! I cannot tell you enough how wonderful this line is! It is so versatile, the colors are perfect, the details are just right. Take a look, you'll see exactly what I'm talking about! (Yes, I realize I have used many exclamation marks!)

These cards are in no particular order:

PHP Baby Boy Card 1, Shannon M.

There are cardstock stickers, puffy stickers and double sided patterned paper to make your baby projects thoughtful and vibrant!

PHP HELLO BABY Card 2, Shannon M.

There's nothing sweeter than babies, even sweeter?!? Baby animals! This collection has adorable animals perfect for themed showers, nurseries, name fits!

PHP Hello Baby, Card 3, Shannon M.

Cute baby animals not your thing? Is the mom to be more trendy than traditional? Looking for a more general sentiment? Hello Baby Boy has got it for you!

PHP Hello Baby, Card 4, Shannon M.

Check out all of the fantastic patterns in this kit...there's grids, polka dots, stripes, plaid, and stars, basically all things boy!

PHP Hello Baby, Card 5, Shannon M.

Did I mention the colors? There's also arrows and puffy stars, and can't forget the awesome tabs! I am telling you, the possibilities are endless with this collection!

PHP Hello Baby, Card 6, Shannon M.

Here are some close ups of some of the cards. I wanted you to see the dimension and layers of the cards I created. 

PHP Hello Baby Cards, Close Up, Shannon M.

I used foam dots to have the cardstock stickers pop off the card. I hope that I have inspired you create some cards! 

PHP Hello Baby, Side View 1, Shannon M.

Paper House Productions Materials Used:

Hello Baby Boy Papercrafting Kit

Thank you for letting me share another blog post with you! 

Have a great weekend and check back often, there's a lot of great designs and talent coming at you featuring all of the new collections!!

Renew the Love Within ❤

This may be a little late in the season to be sharing an Advent entry...but...the focus is right on time. I'm forever delayed on getting things done for myself on time.
Guys, I really wanted to be the person who completed my December Daily album (wait, what...yeah that didn't happen) and I wanted to do a daily Advent entry...cue the laughter reel, again hilarity ensues. 
Anyone who knows me, knows I am incapable of saying no to a cry for help. Unless I have a bone protruding from my body somewhere or I am super ill, I will be there. This is what happened from August to December and is still ongoing. Guess what? I am more than ok with it, I am a helper, it's what I do. Yet there's that regret of not being able to focus on what I love most, creating. It's not my path at the moment. It's going to circle around. Which brings me to the relevance, on renewing the love. You deserve a few quiet moments to focus yourself each day, I'm working on loving myself a little bit this year. That means doing things that make me happy. Renewing the spirit inside myself so I can care and help others without feeling deflated. To help with renewed  joy and care. 
So in a weird way, this Advent message is a Valentine/Love message to you. Renew the love within you, look to things with a smile instead of a frown. I know that's easier said than done and I am guilty of frowning myself. When you're stuck and unable to say yes...say a quick prayer to God to renew your spirit and help you to be cheerful, to love others and yourself. 
This entry was incredibly easy to create, hearts are one of my favorite things, so it flowed out of me quite fluently. I used watercolor pencils, the wonderful new white pen and Le Pens for this entry. Thank you for letting me share with you.

From the Heart ❤

Good morning, it's FRI-YAY!..I'm happily sharing a Valentine's Day inspiration post with you. 
In a world of digital everything, there's something to be said about a handmade card or note. When you take the time to send a heartfelt note, it can make all the difference in someone's day. ❤
I created some festive, fun Valentines using SRM stickers, doilies, twine, punched paper pieces and labels!
Take a look at the set of three below:
SRM VALENTINE 2017 3, Shannon M.
I love Stickers by the Dozen! They are ideal for invitations, thank you notes, greetings for family and friends. I am instantly transported to my childhood using doilies, how awesome are these Red Heart Lace Doilies?!?!? 
Punched Paper Pieces add the perfect pop of color to these greetings.
SRM VALENTINES 2017 1, Shannon M.
SRM Labels by the Dozen can serve so many uses, as an actual label, a gift tag, or a super cute embellishment! A go to sticker for me in pretty much every project, Sticker can find them on 99% of my projects. The other one percent? I blame my children and their friends for horribly distracting me!
SRM VALENTINES 2017 2, Shannon M
A Valentine wouldn't be a Valentine without a sweet sentiment, SRM has so many ways to express yourself, even the We've Got Your Border Stickers have sentiments and heartfelt wishes on them! And twine is always a perfect addition to anything ❤
Thank you for letting me share these sweet valentines with you today! 


Let Freedom Ring, DC Style!

Good morning, Shannon here! I am so excited to be sharing my first project for Paper House Productions with you! My son, Patrick and my adopted sons were lucky enough to travel to Washington D.C. (I'm just now getting around to documenting...shhh!) There really isn't a more perfect paper line than Let Freedom Ring! to get the job done! (P.S. There's a Boston edition, Philadelphia edition and Paper Pad, plus embellishments...go ahead and look,  I'll wait.)

I used the Washington D.C. edition for my project, and let me tell you, it's pretty spectacular. It has patterns, colors and pictures that capture all the things that D.C. is!

PHP, FEB 2 2017, BP, Let Freedom Ring, Shannon M.. WASHINGTON DC-2

WASHINGTON D.C. Layout Supplies:

Let Freedom Ring Washington DC Paper Crafting Kit

(767636815407 P-2091 Double Sided Cardstock Patterned Paper, 7676368155421 P-2093 Double Sided Cardstock Patterned Paper, 767636815438 P-2094 Double Sided Cardstock Patterned Paper, 767636815452 P-2096 Double Sided Cardstock Patterned Paper, 767636815483 P-2099 Double Sided Cardstock Patterned Paper, 767636815704 STCX-1018 Cardstock Stickers)

I am a layer builder, I like dimension on my pages. It's so hard to build layers when you are scrapping boys. I think the cardstock stickers available in this kit make a perfect layer building tool!

PHP Let Freedom Ring Feb22017, Close Up 2, Shannon M.

Just another close up of some of the layers I created for this project. There are "paper strips" and perfect little "shots" that you can add as an embellishment that will pack a perfect punch!

PHP Let Freedom Ring, Close Up, Feb22017, Shannon M.

Thank you so much for taking a look at my project today! I hope I could inspire you to print or gather some pictures and create your memories of a recent trip or event!

Shannon  ❤