❤{A Very Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons Wednesday}❤

Wednesday means the week is halfway over...it also means that I get to share some Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons inspiration with you. It adds to the goodness that is Wednesday. I hope wherever you are today, you aren't melting to death somewhere on a sidewalk like a forgotten piece of gum...it seems like Hades is p.o.'ed this summer. He's bitter at someone, that's for sure. 

Luckily, Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons is inspiring you not only today...but also this weekend...there's this:



To tide you over in the meantime, I'm sharing this layout with you that I created using Popsicle Fever Digital Clip Art, Man, Oh Man Pattern Pack 1Digital Paper, Summer Brights White Polka Dots Printable Digital Paper, and Natural Love Chevron & Stripes Printable Digital Paper:

PPPR 7-17-13 Blog Post, Shannon M.


PPPR 7-17 closeup


PPPR 7-17 Closeup 2


Have a wonderful Wednesday and hope you beat the heat!