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And you thought you loved M&M's




I know it's been awhile, things have been pretty crazy, as this time of year gets. "Clark" was out putting up all the outside lights and we all tried to help this year....along with that there's the tree, the Nutcrackers, the Santa Bears and so much more. I love this time of year.

The latest funny antics will not go undocumented! The backstory, Mack and Paddy get M&M's when Mack goes potty. Miss M simply for doing the deed and Grandmaster P for providing Mack with "Kathy Bates as Mama in the Waterboy" (picture the end of the movie where she realizes she's on camera) entertainment as she's sitting there. On this particular day, Miss M decided that it would be a fabulous idea to see if she could stuff and M&M up her nose. She was sucessful and these are the after pictures:  *After* she came running to me with one snotty orange nostril and making wounded animal noises, *After* I tried to remain calm as I was having a hard time removing it and for sure thinking that we would be making a trip to the doctor, *After* she happily did her Snoopy/Churchlady shuffle b/c it was out and she was "aaaw betta momma" and *After* she tried to eat the M&M that was a wierd odd color of dissolved orange and chocolate.....she gave it to Angel instead who happily gobbled it up snot or not.

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