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★{Pumpkins & Paper Issues}★

It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown is a staple in this house. It's pretty much a standard from here on out that Charlie Brown inhabits our house at least once a week (or more) until the end of the year.

The Great Pumpkin just kicks it off each year. Mack wanted her costume to be a sheet with a bunch of holes in it and go as Charlie Brown, but this idea was abandoned upon realizing no one would give her a rock so she could utter, " I got a rock."

Our annual trip to the pumpkin patch also seems to set this momentum in motion. ❤

This year was no exception, there seemed to be a warm, cheery, magical glow to the pumpkins as we approached. Smiles spread across my grouchy, sullen preteen's faces. This made my heart smile. 

I created a layout using some awesome Glitz Raven which can be found in the Paper Issues store! I'm not enabling you or anything, yes, yes I am and I'm not ashamed. Paper Issues has scrap amazingness in the store right now and you're totally needing to go and get some. 


Paper Issues 10-24-13, Shannon M.


Here's some extreme closeups of the Glitz goodness:


PI 10-24 CLOSE UP 1


PI 10-24 Close Up 2

PI 10-24 Close Up 3
★Have a great Thursday! Happy Halloween!★