❤{When it's Wednesday...}❤

❤{Thankful Tuesdays and Twine}❤

These simple words: I will be grateful for this day.

It's so easy to forget those words, as we barrel through each day and onto the next. It's also easy to take things for granted...simple things like having a roof over your head, being able to read, walking, talking, the list could go on and on.

Every single one of us has something they're going through, reflecting on, or heavy weight they are carrying. It's hard. Life is hard. It's totally acceptable that some days are just going to suck. And you aren't going to smile. Sometimes, you'll start sentences with "and"...this will make many of your well-written friends insane. 

It seems like I'm surrounded by people in my life who are experiencing something trying, challenging or just plain bad. I hate that I can't fix it, change it or improve it. I want to just say this, you are loved. You are appreciated. You are someone's everything.  

Be grateful. It's very simple. It instantly improves your outlook. 

I created a Thanksgiving card for today's Timeless Twine Tuesday share:

Timeless Twine 10-22-13, Shannon M.

I used Krazy for Kraft on this card...you can find it in the Bella Creationz store. Just click on the twine below


Hope everyone has a great Tuesday, be kind to each other. ❤