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I think Mondays are "meh". It's another day getting up early and stumbling down the stairs and making lunches, snacks and filling water bottles...dealing with two impatient dogs who think feeding them is my only job. Could I see myself doing anything else with my life at the moment? The answer to that is a resounding no.

My job is often thankless, usually I am being bellowed at from the top of the stairs...random ramblings and or whinings about how I failed to get his Nike socks washed, or needing her sweatshirt..that is of course downstairs. 

These are the moments in my mind where I think to myself, "I'll just let the dogs lick their sandwiches...before I put them in their lunch boxes..."

You're thinking "oh my word"...but I never do. I just think it and that's enough...because the following layout...washes all the treacherous thoughts of debauchery away.

This kid makes me laugh. Every. Single. Day.

Xyron and Stencil Girl made this layout incredibly easy to create.


Xyron:Stencil Girl:Shannon M.

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