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❤*{Happy Thanksgiving!}*❤

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving! This girl is watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade and then watching the Lions kick some tail! #onepride #lionsgirlforever

I'm lucky enough to be sharing a layout with you today...which is also being featured on Paper Issues. One of the best websites and group of people I have ever known...and that's not even exaggerating...serious. 

I am so thankful for many things in my life. It would take forever to list it all. I am so thankful for my family and friends...without them my smiles and laughter wouldn't be nearly as rich or meaningful. Thank you for each day together near and far. ❤

I literally couldn't imagine one second without my children...even if they are dubbed Hannibal and Batman...I wouldn't/couldn't imagine them any other way.  They are the reason I get up out of bed each day. The pictures in this layout are just a few of the captured memories from this year. (Just a few of my favorites.)

Paper Issues, 11-28-13, Shannon M.

Here's a close up of some of the details:

Paper Issues, 11-28-13, Close Up, Shannon M.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Thursday to all of my non Thanksgiving peeps! ❤

★{30 Days of Xyron}★

Xyron is working hard to help you get inspired for the holidays! For the next 30 days you will be happily bombarded with projects galore! These projects are designed with inspiring you in mind.

I'm sharing with you a 8X8 canvas I created...and my friend Kim has already claimed it. ❤

I used some fantastic papers from the Studio Calico Magical Line, American Crafts Peppermint Expess & Xyron adhesives! You can't go wrong with that!! 

Sometimes I recycle projects, this is one of those times: 

Xyron, 30 Days 1, Shannon

You're going to start by covering your canvas in a background pattern. Polka dots always work well for this, plus they make me happy!

Xyron, 30 Days 2, Shannon M.

You'll want to sand the edges down after you've trimmed the paper around. (This is an optional thing, you don't have to...if you prefer a clean look, then sanding is not necessary.) Take this time to mist around the edges as well. Again this is completely optional.

While the mist is drying, you'll want to cover your star, heart, circle, whatever shape you plan on placing in the middle of your canvas. I chose a star.

Xyron, 30 Days 3, Shannon M.

Set your star aside. This is where you'll add a little dimension to your canvas. Again this is optional. If you don't want to do this...skip ahead to where you see foam dots on the star. 

I am a big fan of layers, sometimes I get carried away, but I really love layers. I simmered down a bit for this canvas and began with some vellum and great gray patterned paper.

Xyron, 30 Days 4, Shannon M.

I then added a smidge of goldish paper and a staple. I love staples and staplers! 

Xyron, 30 Days 5, Shannon M.

Before you permanently adhere this layer to the canvas. You can add a little detail to it by wrapping some twine around the top.

At this time you can add the washi tape or patterned paper to the opposite corners as shown below. Washi tape is a nice little accent because it's often just the right amount of foggy, letting the layers show through while adding a little extra oomph. 

Xyron, 30 Days 6, Shannon M.

Again, adding another layer (which is totally optional) I added a 3X4 rectangle. I have an awesome punch that does this for me. I then added some dots of mist and ink. I like things to be grungy. You do not have to add these layers. 

Xyron, 30 Days 7, Shannon M.

You're now ready to add the star, but first you'll need to flip the star over adding the foam dots as shown. I also wrapped some twine around the star, creating a star within the star. This is the time to do that also. Take one end of your twine and tape a piece of it to the back of the star. You'll want to mimick a five point star by wrapping the twine in overlapping angles as shown. Add an addtional piece of tape to the other end of the twine, cutting off any excess twine. Add an additional foam dot to the middle.

Xyron 30 Days 8, Shannon M.

Xyron 30 Days 9, Shannon M.

You're now ready to peel the backing off the foam dots and adhere the star to the front of your canvas.

Xyron 30 Days 10, Shannon M.

This is where you can add a little more detail, or you can call it good. I added some gold tone and glittery white dots to my canvas, there can be randomly placed. I followed that up with some glitter and jewels for some extra Christmas sparkle factor. 

Here is the finished canvas, thanks for letting me share with you! #30daysofxyron

Xyron 30 Days 11, Shannon M.


★{That Christmas Feeling}★

Cue the Perry Como, light the tree and look for Linus to tell you what Christmas is all about. It's officially less than a month away! Panic is sure to be setting in...I can feel it. It's an excited flourish of panic...with fringes of glee! 

There is no tree up, no's craziness. I don't know what my delay is. I'm sure it will hit me in the face like a bowling ball and the Morgan household will be "Christmased"...Or maybe it won't we will see. 

In the meantime, *{PAPER ISSUES}* has a fantastic brand new issue to kick you into high gear if you're procrastinating as I am! The team is sharing projects, cards, layouts, mini albums, December Daily's, the list goes on...share your creations with us and you could win a $20 GC to use in the Paper Issues Store!

When I created this card, I was automatically transported back to my childhood where Christmas was slightly out of focus, dreamy and glittery. Thanks Momma & Daddy for that! ❤

Paper Issues, 11-25-13, Shannon M.

Have a great Tuesday!! And head over to Paper Issues and link up your stuff!!!

❄*{Simple Gift Giving Made Easy With Xyron}*❄

If you're looking for a quick and easy idea for a gift certificate or moneyholder...I have got the answer for you! Xyron and some crafty time make this so easy! 

I created this in under an hour and it doubles as a bookmark. If you have a book lover in your family...this is the gift that keeps on giving! 

Cut a rectangle out of cardstock that measures 2 1/2" wide by 7" long.

Xyron BMH 1, Shannon M.

Next you're going to gather some fun die cuts or use your cutting machine to create the pocket part of your bookmark.

Xyron BMH2, Shannon M. 2

I cut some circles and a star. The circles measure 2", 2 1/2" and 3". They will nest inside each other, creating a "bullseye". The star is a 2 inch star. Begin by running your star through your Xyron machine. Adhere it to the 2 inch circle.

Xyron BMH 3, Shannon M.

Run this layer through your Xyron machine. Adhere it to the 2 1/2" circle as shown. 

Xyron BMH 4, Shannon M.

Run this completed layer through your Xyron machine and adhere to the remaining circle. It will look like the picture below.

Xyron BMH 5, Shannon M.

You're now going to run your completed layer through the Xyron machine and adhere to the pocket front. The pocket is a standard 3X4 card. You can look through your stash for a coordinating pattern like I did. 

Xyron BMH 6, Shannon M.

You can add a sentiment or and initial to the front of the star. Be creative, this part is totally up to you!

Xyron BMH 7, Shannon M.

The next step is to glue the "pocket" to the bookmark. Decide where you would like your pocket to sit on your bookmark. You can take some Teresa Collins' Clear Hold Adhesive and run glue along the LEFT, BOTTOM & RIGHT sides of the book mark. Let dry. Leave the top open so that you can insert cash or a gift card.

Xyron BMH 8, Shannon M.

You can now add details to your bookmark/moneyholder. I added some fun washi tape and a quick little embellishment for the corner.

Xyron:BMH 9, Shannon M.

Xyron:BMH 10, Shannon M.

The last thing you need to do before handing it over to the lucky recipient is add the bookmark tail. You can get as fancy or as simple as you like. Thread the ribbon, twine, feather, etc. through the punched hole at the top. Stuff the card or money in and you're all set! Thanks for letting me share today!!

Xyron:BMH 11, Shannon M.

Check back all week..I have lots of great projects to share with you!! ❤

*{Thankful for Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons}*

It's's crazy, it happens every week!  This Wednesday is a Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons Wednesday and I am happy to share with you a cute card I created. It's especially cute because it's just in time for Thanksgiving and it's the first set of "Pocket Cards" that Lisa created for the store!

Take a look at these! How cute are they?!?!?! You can use them for a plethora of things: Project Life, Journaling Cards, layering, photo mats...endless possibility!

You can find them in the store along with tons of other new things...just being an're welcome!



I created this card with this set. I ❤ it.


PPPR 11.20.13, Shannon M.


Here's a close up:


PPPR 11.20.13, Close Up, Shannon M.

 Thanks for letting me share with you! Have a great Wednesday!


❤*{Finding JOY on This Timeless Twine Tuesday}*❤

"It's that time of year...where the world falls in love,

Every song you hear seems to say,

Merry Christmas

May you New Year dreams come true...."


Mr. Sinatra this may be true for some of us...but others are trying to run in the other direction. I am one of those gooey eyed dreamers who is already seeing snowflake bokeh everywhere. I like to think that it's contagious and I can bring you to the dark side...but I know this simply isn't true. 


However, don't focus on all of those lists, obligations, "to-do's", etc. Don't let them creep in and bring you down, instead look for the kind smiles, listen for the giggles of the little ones, the magic around every corner...if you're looking of course. Your time and smiles are more of a gift than anything else. People get so caught up in making this "the perfect time"...but you have to remember that perfection comes in times of imperfection..and sometimes mistakes, like the ruined cookie batter that becomes rolled cookie balls that you keep in the refrigerator...make perfection out of the imperfection and enjoy this year! That's my challenge to you this holiday season. 



I used Strawberry Cupcake for this card. It was the perfect punch of color! You can find this and SO much more at Bella Creationz!!! 



Remember CHOOSE JOY and have a great Tuesday!

*{Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons Super Heroes Saturday!}*

Happy Saturday!



If you came here from Nicole's blog, you are in the right place.



If you just stumbled upon this post and would like to start from the beginning, please visit Lisa's blog, that way you have a chance at winning some great blog candy!! 


As you can guess, this month's blog hop is featuring Super Hero inspired projects using Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons!


I created this layout especially for this hop, Patrick has an alter ego..Batman, and Mackenzie of course not to be left out, is Lisa's files were PERFECT!

Files used: Sunny Skies Digital Paper, Summer Brights White Polka Dots Paper, Natural Love Chevron & Stripes Paper, Natural Love White Polka Dots Paper and Superhero Badges Digital Clip Art


PPPR Super Heroes Blog Hop, Shannon M.

And of course, inspiration comes with a chance at a fantastic prize!




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This is the start of a brand new PPPR Superhero Challenge! ...this is where you can link up your project.


Your next stop is the super fabulously talented Tanya!


Here's the line up in case you need it:


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●○❤{Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons & Peachy Keen Stamps}❤○●



Welcome! You should have arrived here from Cassandra's blog, if you didn't then you need to start over at the beginning at Lisa's blog...

(Pssst! There are two great gift certificates up for grabs...$15 from Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons and $15 from Peachy Keen Stamps!)

I created this merry little card for the blog hop, thanks for letting me share!


PPPR:PK Card, BLOG HOP, Shannon M.

I used:

Peachy Keen Stamps - PK-M17 Snow Much Love


Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons - Spring Fling Polka Dots, Natural Love Chevron & Stripes, Love Bug White Polka Dots

The winners will be randomly chosen. Leave a comment on each blog to have as many chances as possible to win! 

You should be hopping onto the talented Gigi's blog now!!


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*{A Peek Into Christmas}*

"It's too early for Christmas, Shannon." I know this is what you're thinking. 

"Stop rushing this, Shannon." I can't help it.

I live in the mind of 8 year old Shannon, where things are glittery and sparkly and dreamy. A little tidbit you may or may not know about me (some of you will know): One of my birthday gifts each year (October 29)...was to listen to one Christmas song. Usually this was John Gary's "Little Snow Girl". I can't listen to that song without tearing up.

I know it's completely conceited of me, but I always felt like my birthday was the start of the holiday season, I can thank my parents for that. They always made things special for me. ❤ As a result, I try to do the same for Paddy and Mack.

I created this layout using Epiphany Crafts and Heidi Swapp. Epiphany Crafts is featuring Heidi Swapp all week long on their was such an awesome opportunity to work with HS and EC together....they compliment each other so nicely!

Watching Rudolph is one of our traditions. I am sure that's a tradition for a lot of people, it's a much cherished one in our house. ❤ The happy faces say it all, I didn't even need to journal.


EC:HS:Blog Poat, Shannon Morgan


Thanks for letting me share with you as always. It means so much that you follow and I appreciate each and every comment! ❤

★{Feels Like Fall with Epiphany Crafts}★

We're staring Thanksgiving in the face...I thought Fall would never get here! I feel like it's moving so quickly now, and I want it to slow down....just a little bit. I want to savor the cooler temperatures, the changing leaves, the moon and stars, the clouds, everything!


I created this layout using some awesome Epiphany Crafts tools and accessories. I literally use Epiphany Crafts on everything I create, it's a beautiful madness. I can't tell you how versatile the tools are and how much just a little pop adds to your projects. 


Carving pumpkins is an art around here, design selection is taken very seriously. In this house, there is no printing of templates...Karl hand draws the designs. He is very talented. Paddy and Mack were so excited for the festivities this year as they got to assist from pumpin guts to even trying their hand at carving. Eventually, they left that to the expert in our house. 。◕‿◕。 


EPC.Fall Fun.11:13, Shannon M.


Here's a close up of some of the details:


EPC.Fall Fun.11:13, Shannon M. 2


EPC.Fall Fun.11:13, Shannon M. 3


Here's the Epiphany Crafts I used:

Shape Studio Tool Round 25

Shape Studio Accessories Bubble Caps Round 25

Shape Studio Tool Pennant 25