❤{Anyone for a Swag Bag?}❤
❤{Smiles Documented}❤

❤{Heartfelt Thanks!}❤

Sometimes a thank you is in order for a kind and thoughtful friend or family member, this card is a great way to do just that. The best part? Beautiful SRM doilies!


Start by gathering things to crate your card. A card base, some patterned papers. Take this time to mist your doily if you want to.



The next thing you're going to want to do is add your doily to your card as shown below. Leave some of that card base showing. 



Get ready to add some layers and dimension. You can choose a few different coordinating patterns, or go crazy and add some contrasting colors and patterns. Distress the edges if you want, but this is all personal preference, there's no wrong or right way to do this!


Add one layer off center to the right side. Add a piece of wash tape to the top. Add your next layer on top of that one, slightly off center as well. The vellum layer is optional. If you add the vellum, you can staple it to the previous layer before you stick it down onto the card front. 



I added an additional doily. I misted it, let it dry and then added foam dots to the back. They're black, but it's ok because you'll be covering it up if you don't have white. 



I started adding details like borders, border stickers and the card sentiment base. I added washi tape to the bottom and top. I then measured, trimmed and adhered SRM Sticker Stitches (in black) on top of the washi tape. It creates effortless stitching! I also added a little sweet saying from the Thank You Sentiment sheet. I then added an additional layer on top of the doily. Grab a relatively simple patterned paper and place a heart shape or mask on top and mist. Wait for it to dry. Round the edges if desired and tear along the bottom. Add some sticker stitches across the heart. Add another piece of washi tape and if you're up to it...another staple. 



The next step is cutting a vellum heart to go on top of the heart. This step is optional, but it adds a delicate feel to the card. Place it on card as shown. 



You can add the sentiment now. I added one from the Thank You Sentiment sheet. I placed it slightly below the stitches knowing that I was going to add some sequins and other fun little touches. 



I added some sequins, some splotches of mist and ink, a cute little heart at the top and heart sequin above the sentiment. This card is all ready to be mailed to someone deserving! Thanks for letting me share! ❤


Happy Friday! ❤