❤{Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons is Bringing You Yum!}❤
☺{Xyron & Perfect Paper Crafting - DAY #3}☺

❤{MAMBI + EPC = Awesome!}❤

MAMBI & Epiphany Crafts are bringing you some fabulous inspiration this week!

I'm sharing this mini album that I did of Paddy & Mack! It was their first day back to school...it's a celebration of how awesome they are! 

MAMBI:EPC 1, Shannon M.

I gathered a whole bunch of MAMBI and some of my favorite Epiphany Crafts tools, like the Heart 25.

You can create really great borders, just by using your tools. 

MAMBI:EPC 2, Shannon M.

They also make really good backers.

MAMBI:EPC 3, Shannon M.

Or a striking embellishment if you use a contrasting color.

MAMBI:EPC 5, Shannon M.

I really love the Epiphany Crafts Metal Charms too!

 MAMBI:EPC 6, Shannon M. 

Here's each page in the album, MAMBI's Pocket PagesClear Stickers in Black and 8X8 Scrapbook Kits made this mini so much fun to create!

MAMBI:EPC 7, Shannon M.

 Here's the border I mentioned earlier, it's perfect and simple. It compliments the 4X6 quote as well!

MAMBI:EPC 8, Shannon M.

 The clear black stickers are awesome for sticking right on top of your photos! Don't be afraid to try it!

MAMBI:EPC 9, Shannon M.

MAMBI:EPC 10, Shannon M. . -001

MAMBI:EPC 11, Shannon M.

MAMBI:EPC 12, Shannon M.

Check out all the great details you can add to your pages using Epiphany Crafts tools and MAMBI stickers and Pocket Pages!!

MAMBI:EPC 13, Shannon M. MAMBI:EPC 14, Shannon M.

MAMBI:EPC 15, Shannon M.

MAMBI:EPC 16, Shannon M.

MAMBI:EPC 17, Shannon M.

She's pretty amazing..there were so many great phrases to choose form that fit her to a tee! 

MAMBI:EPC 18, Shannon M.

 MAMBI:EPC 19, Shannon M.

MAMBI:EPC 20, Shannon M.

MAMBI:EPC 21, Shannon M.  

MAMBI:EPC 22, Shannon M.

 I love the Bubble Caps with the MAMBI Puffy Stickers!


MAMBI:EPC 23, Shannon M.

Thanks for letting me share with you today!! Stay tuned all week for some fabulous posts from the team!!