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☺{Xyron & Perfect Paper Crafting - DAY #3}☺

It's Day 3 of the Xyron & Perfect Paper Crafting Team Up!


I'm sharing a layout with you today using Perfect Paper Crafting's Perfect Airbrush Tool! This layout of course is created with the always awesome Xyron adhesive! Scroll down to the end, to see the finished layout. From that, you can see what youd like to do with the format/layout and what pictures you'd like to choose. 

Begin with a 12X12 cardstock base of course. Mist it lightly if you'd like. Set aside. 

Punch out or cut two 3X4 rectangles (journaling cards) out of white cardstock. 

For your first journaling card...tape it down to a piece of copy paper. (You can use washi tape for this) Select a mask for this card. Use a piece of washi tape and hold the mask down. Look at the picture for reference. 

X:PPC 1, Shannon M.

Here's the taped down mask with some airbrushing on it, you're going to love the Perfect Airbrush!

X:PPC 2, Shannon M.

Journaling Card #2...keep it simple and find one that's a pre-made one. There's so many great ones out there! Or create your own! Print it out and trim it to 3X4.

I selected a premade one, the corners weren't roudned so I just used a corner rounder.

Again, I taped it down to a piece of copy paper. 

X:PPC 3, Shannon M.

I then used the Perfect Airbrush Tool to add some awesome neon...you can use broad strokes or you can use light strokes. I went a little heavy. There's no wrong or right way to do this.

X:PPC 4, Shannon M. .

The third card, I didn't use any airbrushing, I opted for water color. Since we're not featuring water colors, I'm just going to leave that out. ❤

The next thing I wanted to do, is add some neon to the cardstock base. I chose neon green. 

X:PPC 5, Shannon M.

I added some stickers to my mask jouranaling card, I drew some uneven lines with a ruler and then added the stickers. I chose days of the week, you can add stickers, or you can simply leave the card as is. This layout is totally up to you. I added layers to each of the journaling cards.  I used my TC Stapler for this. I love using my stapler. 

X:PPC 6, Shannon M.

In the midst of the journaling cards, you're also printing out "wallet" sized pictures. You can add layers to these as well. I chose patterns and vellum. I then made the pictures pop by using Xyron's Foam Dots. These are fabulous, sturdy dimension added dots!

X:PPC 7, Shannon M.

When I was laying this out, I was looking for a perfect flow, you'll have to lay it out before you permanently lay it down. Once you have the layout perfectly laid out and adhered, you can add some sequins or other embellishments as a finishing touch. 

X:PPC 8, Shannon M.

Here's some close ups of the airbrushed journaling cards, you'll also see airbrushing directly on the photos as well. I love that! 

X:PPC 9, Shannon M.

X:PPC 11, Shannon M.

Here's the finished layout. Thanks so much for letting me share with you, I hope my tips and tricks inspired you to create a great layout and try something new!

XYRON:PPC Shannon M.

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