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❤*{I Loaf You Dough Much!}*❤

*{A Thank You for a Thank You}*

I am a procrastinator on top of procrastinating. I can make a list for a list. Believe me when I say, I'm getting too old for this. I no longer thrive on stress. School is over in a week and one of those days don't even count because it's Memorial Day...it's coming at me like a hurricane. I'm the class mom and awards ceremonies, my Mom flying in, general Mom duties...I want to go hide in the pantry and shove Oreos in my mouth! I'm pretty excited to say, that I have finished Mack's teacher gift, I can only hope that she loves it. 


It's a creative spin on a thank you gift. It's a set of thank you's as a thank you! I wanted to create something that Mrs. W could use, and thank you's are something everyone needs. 


SRM Stickers has many products that make this possible! ♥



This set has 5 cards and six envelopes (just in case)...and as you can see, it comes in a gift window box.


One tip I can offer when you are creating a set of cards, is have a plan in mind when you start. Colors, stick to a collection of paper and have a general design in your head. I am a layer-er so my plan for this set, was simple layers. 



Here's a few examples of the cards and how they began, adding patterns, stitches and doilies as I completed each card in the set. 



Here's the cards in no specific order:



See the doilies peeking out? I think that's a sweet touch to any project!



You can separate your stickers and layer them on top of papers, other stickers, almost anything..that's the beauty of clear stickers! 

Hooray for versatility! ❤



Twine is also always a perfect touch for projects, simple in design, but lends a perfect punch of color or layer when added!



Sticker Stitches are my go to. I think you can look back through 99% of what I create and there will be a sticker stitch somewhere on the card, layout or project. 



Making a sticker front and center is also another way you can make big impact with a single embellishment! 


The window box these cards are being delivered in is also so very versatile. It can carry six envelopes and five cards like a boss! Add a few stickers to the acetate and some twine, and you have a perfect gift to give. 




Thank you for letting me share my idea with you today, hopefully I have inspired you to create! 



SRM used: Sticker Stitches/BlackWhite Lace Doilies - 4" RoundWe've Got Your Sticker/ThanksWe've Got Your Sticker Plus/ThanksSentiment/Thank YouCaribbean TwinePink Sorbet TwineButtercream TwinePunched PiecesLabels by the DozenKraft Window Box