❤ Sunshine Moments ❤



Moments in my kids lives are barreling by. I'm trying to capture them all as they happen. Especially Mackenzie, who is almost hitting the halls as a freshman. As a result, I am still trying to keep up with things that happened in May! Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L is definitely going to help me do that with this layout.

Take a look at this layout, you'll find lots of detail, even if the layout itself is simple in nature. Many different adhesives will play the part in the coming together of this layout.

Shannon Morgan  Sunshine Moments

This scrapbook layout has lots of parts and pieces to "assemble". I used the sketch feature on my cutting system to ensure that everything would line up and be straight. You can see this trick in the picture below. This extra step in the beginning is a time saver and sanity saver in the end! After using the sketch feature, cut out the pieces and parts. 

Shannon Morgan Sunshine Moments 2

The first thing you want to do is adhere the cut piece to the outlines. I used a combination of  Dual Tip Glue Penand Adhesive Lines to do this. Adhesive Lines were perfect for the lines of the grid. The Dual Tip Glue Pen had the perfect tip for those many hearts.


Laying out every piece before adhering it is also a good idea. When you need to use many adhesives because you have a lot of "working pieces" in the layout, this may seem tedious, but is entirely worth the effort. The reason for this is simply, you have no duplicates next to each other. Next, the hearts and grid are all in place, I begin adhering all the "cuts". Working on the grid first, I used my go-to E-Z Runner® Grand Refillable Dispenserwith Permanent Strips. 

Shannon Morgan Sunshine Moments 3

Three words: 3D Foam Squares. To clarify, each heart is mounted with foam squares and then put into place. The truth is, this is time consuming. In the end, the effort is   totally worth the pop on your page. Next, I cut my squares in half and added them to each heart as shown. 

Shannon Morgan Sunshine Moments 4

Here is a close up of the dimension I was telling you about. Look at that! The hearts are jumping off the page, literally and figuratively.

Shannon Morgan  Sunshine Moments 5
I hope you've learned something new,  letting me share all the ways I used adhesives to create this layout. If not, I hope you were inspired to create something new of your own. Happy Wednesday! ❤


Mercy ❤ Peace ❤ Love

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I'm sharing something a little but different with you this morning using Ashley's awesome files. 

I used the "sketch" feature available on the Silhouette first,  and then cut the feathers out. I am using them as embellishments for my bible journaling! Jude's a big deal in our house, Paddy's tied to him forever, taking him as his Confirmation saint. Jude's not mentioned a bunch in the bible, but his letter is simple and to the point.


I used Flocked & Feathered to add those feathers you see above in the bible journaling entry: 


 Here's a few close ups of the feathers, I used watercolors to create the feathers wispy feel.


Everyone deserves mercy, peace and love, seems like the world needs it more than ever at the present! I hope if you do bible journaling, I've inspired you to create some entries in a new way. If you don't, I hope I inspired you to try the "sketch" feature in a new way. ❤ Thanks for letting me share with you. 

 ❤ Happy Wednesday  ❤

Hello Hugs with Adhesive Lines

Good morning, I'm sharing a layout using Adhesive Lines from Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L today! There were a lot of milestones to document this year. Mack's graduation and official entry into high school was one of them.

Pictures of family are my favorite to document.  Mack and Ba (my mom) certainly made this picture special. Highlighting the photo became the focus of my layout. Specifically choosing and using bright colors and simple layers is a great way to highlight the photo. You too, can create a similar layout if you apply some of the tips I am sharing today.

Shannon Morgan  Hello Hugs Layout

 You'll need to gather some basic scrapping supplies, like papers, embellishments and of course adhesives. I started out, weeding through my stash and picking things that I had hoarded. Don't wait for that perfect layout, card or project, use your supplies!

IMG_1510First of all, let's get started using those Adhesive Lines.  Have you ever wondered what to do with those paper strips at the bottom of your 12X12 sheets of paper? They make great "frames", as in, framing out a layout. Even better? I adhere the strips a little off center, ensuring that it's ok to be "perfectly imperfect".


The Adhesive Lines are a perfect tool to get this framing done. In addition to being a great detail that packs a lot of punch, this "framing" truly helps you line up your photo as well. Tip: If you'd like your framing strips to match, simply cut strips of a patterned paper or cardstock of your choice.


The photo needed to be the stand out in this layout, complimenting the title. Simple layering is/was the key to this. You'll notice in the photo, I used complimentary patterns in different colors, primarily creating visual interest and dimension. The photo is oddly sized, for the reason that it was taken on a phone and not with a camera. There are a total of five layers backing the photo, ideally this is personal preference, you can simply use my example as a guide or inspiration.

Using the E-Z Runner® Grand Refillable Dispenser,of course makes layering a snap. If you are happy with your layers, adhere the photo to the layout. Additionally, you can begin to work on the rest of your details. There was space deliberately left to the side of the photo for a large title.


In order to keep it simple, yet detailed, the title is big. Coupled with bright colors and 3D Foam Squares, this title draws your eye to the photo. Once you have the title adhered, begin adding additional touches. Details matter, add as many or as little as you'd prefer, your projects are uniquely you.


Those foam squares add some great dimension, I took a close up for you to see:


Now that I've shared all these tips and photos with you, create something beautiful!

Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L Products Used: E-Z Runner® Grand Refillable Dispenser3D Foam SquaresAdhesive Lines

❤ Doxie Love with The Cut Shoppe ❤


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Shannon here, sharing this layout featuring my spoiled dogs who feel the need to sniff every blade of grass in our yard every single day (multiple times) and then look at me with great disdain when I ask them to come in. You can see in the second layout that they actually contemplated listening to me for a moment. Of course I had to document this, and use some of The Cut Shoppe's awesome files for the perfect embellishment. 

Rock and Lucy have forcibly made me spend time outside in the sun. In the summer. 

They are lucky I love them as much as I do.

TCS Doxie Love  Shannon Morgan


Here's the great TCS files that I used for this layout:



The Crazy Love cut file



The Tall Type Alpha


As always, there's close ups for you to see of the super fun cut files:

TCS Doxie Love  Close Up
TCS Doxie Love  Close Up

Thank you for letting me share with you and I hope you keep checking The Cut Shoppe blog for freebies, new files and inspiration from Ashley and the talented design team!! 


Pick Me Up Card Set | Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L



I have a lot of friends right now, all around me, and you may also, who need a little pick me up. I used E-Z Runner® Grand Repositionable Dots Refill3D Foam Squares White MixE-Z Runner® Grand Refillable Dispenser and Dual Tip Glue Pen to create this cute set of cards. 

I hope this card set inspires you to create some handmade love for your friends or family!

Shannon Morgan  Pick Me Up Cards VERSION1This set of cards was fun to create, I used twine and other things to add some colorful punches. I used the E-Z Runner® Grand Repositionable Dots Refill to get my placement just right on these cards, adding details here and there to each card. I wanted to put a lot of care into the details. Using the repositionable adhesive gives you the opportunity to place things and readjust them if needed before adhering them permanently  to the card, page or project.


I used the repositionable adhesives for the "sentiment" on the card above. This is the first card in the set of cards, I wanted the sentiment to stick out, but not overpower the card. I wanted the heart to be "just - so" and it took a few times before I had it just where I wanted it.




A card set often contains multiple cards, this is perfect when you need a card readily available. I again, wanted that "yay!" sticking out "just - so" and the repositionable adhesive came in handy for just that.


The final card in this card set was a little less detailed, however, it required attention to the details that were on it. I placed some gemstones on the potted cactus die cut. I also wanted to make sure I had some of the patterned paper sticking out before attaching the sentiment to the card front. 


Each card needs an envelope to help complete the card set. Did you know that using bags is a great alternative to a traditional envelope? It is! A few accents that coordinated to each card were the finishing touches.

Thank you for letting me share with you!

Materials Needed:
Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L®:
E-Z Runner® Grand Repositionable Dots Refill
3D Foam Squares White Mix
E-Z Runner® Grand Refillable Dispenser
Dual Tip Glue Pen


Crazy Cousins | Shannon Morgan

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Happy July, wherever you are! Hope you aren't melting, like I am! Today I am sharing a layout with you featuring my cousin Caroline and some awesome cut file alphas from The Cut Shoppe

My cousin Caroline is my person, she loves pretty much all the same things I do, music wise, movie wise and just life in general. She always has a kind word or pick me up when I am feeling down. I love her so much. She is also one of my favorite people to take pictures with. 


TCS Crazy Cousins  Shannon Morgan


There was a perfect file for some great title work!


Open Letter Alpha



You can do so much with the files, I used reverse reliefs and just alphas with no borders, this is a really versatile cut file!


Thanks for letting me share with you!! 


Shannon Morgan





♥ A Happy Hello ♥

Happy Friday! ♥

I'm sharing a card with you today featuring a summery feel using Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L products!

Shannon Morgan  Happy Hello Card

This card is easy to pull together, you can gather summery, bright colored scraps and embellishments.

Try this TIP:If you're looking for a timesaver on visual punch, look through your stash at your 3X4 journaling cards (I know everyone has a ton of those like I do!).


Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L has so many different adhesives available for you to use your projects. Pictured above is E-Z Runner Permanent Fine Adhesive Dispenser. This adhesive is so awesome for anything vellum or sheer. You have the hold of a quality adhesive without the lines!


I wanted this sun to stand out just a bit, so I instantly thought, the 3D Foam Circles White Mix would work perfectly for this. They give the perfect pop and dimension for this card.


This card was assembled in stages. I had the base layer laid out and adhered. It's a simple background adhered to the card base. A doily was then added. Next came the heart. I set the base aside to focus on the fun flamingo. I added the sun, a cute polka dot tab and wrapped twine around the card.

TRY THIS TIP:Use Adhesive Dots Mini to keep that bow in place. If you add a dot behind the bow, it will keep your twine nice and neat. These awesome glue dots can be used for sequins, and other small embellishments you may want to add to your card.


Thanks for letting me share with you today! I hope I have inspired you to create something summery!

Have a great weekend!

♥ True Love Captured | The Cut Shoppe ♥

Happy Monday! ♥

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I'm sharing a layout of my sweet Lucy with you today. She loves laying in the sun, often reluctant to come in the house, she throws herself down in the yard and refuses to get up. I laugh every time she does it and finally got some good pictures of her pouting. 

TCS Shannon Morgan True Love Captured




I created this layout using the Say Cheese cut file:


Here's a close up of some of the awesome cut files available in this set:

TCS Shannon Morgan Captured Close Up


Thank you for letting me share!

Hope you have a wonderful week ahead and keep checking The Cut Shoppe blog for amazing inspiration ♥


♥ Monochromatic Cards | Food for Fun ♥


Good morning! By now you're well into this fabulous blog hop, so thank you for hopping through! I am sharing a sweet, sweet monochromatic card with you for inspiration ♥

Shannon Morgan  Hero Arts:3L  Monochromatic Card

There are so many great projects featuring Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L and Hero Arts! I wanted to share the products I used with you in case you were feeling especially inspired to create. 

Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L used:

E-Z Runner® Grand Refillable Dispenser,  E-Z Runner® Grand Permanent Strips Refill 150', 3D Foam Squares White Mix, Dual Tip Glue Pen

Hero Arts used:

CM249 Food Puns, CH301 Ombre Blush Sequins

There is are some great prizes up for grabs just for hopping through this! Hero Arts and Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L are both offering a chance to win a prize worth $35 to you for entering the Rafflecopter below!

Enter Here

You have until Sunday, June 24, 2018 at 11:59 PM (Central Time) to enter, so make sure you do!

YOUR NEXT STOP ON THE HOP IS, the super talented:  Shellye McDaniel


Here's the blog hop order in case you need it!

 Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L®

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Shannon Morgan

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Yvonne van de Grijp


Happy hopping!  ♥

★ Graduation Wishes ★


Graduation season is upon us friends! Today on the blog, you can find the steps on how to create this card.  If it's possible to be empty and have a full heart at the same time, this is me, every year during "graduation time."

I put a lot of "Mama Morgan" love and details into the graduation cards. See the tips and tricks below as to how you can create a card just like this.

Graduation Card  Shannon Morgan

What you need for this card:

Graduation Card  Shannon Morgan  What You Need

The beauty of this card, I used scraps. I hang onto (more like hoard) scraps and leftovers just for these kind of things! Sometimes your scraps coordinate perfectly. You'll need adhesive of course and some foam squares and circles.

Graduation Card Step by Step:

Graduation Card  Shannon M.  Step by Step

  1. I used a piece of heavy cardstock. This cardstock was folded, then trimmed to measure 4.25"X6". 
  2. Grab those scraps, I used a piece of vellum with gold accents. Ideally, you'll have some E-Z Runner® Permanent Fine Adhesive Dispenseron hand, but if not, regular adhesive will work just fine too. Adhere the vellum to the card base as shown in figure 2.
  3. Look through your scraps and select the next layer. I used a corner rounder and distressed the edges before adhering this layer. It is positioned slightly off center and to the right of the base. 
  4. Yet another scrap, I chose a smaller scrap. I distressed the edges to create some interest and again adhered it using my E-Z Runner® Grand Refillable Dispenser. I then added a piece of a glassine bag to this layer. You will see why in the next  step.
  5. You are now ready to add the frame and dimension to your card with 3D Foam Squares. I used the 3D Foam Squares White Mix because I actually needed both sizes for this project. I doubled up (which means I put 2 squares back to back) before I adhered them to the card. 
  6. This is what your project looks like. It is now ready to add the sentiment and accents. Look to step 7.
  7. I added a thought bubble to the inside of the frame, but let part of it stick out of the frame. See the picture. I also then began adding accents, like the gem, tab and happy face. I used 3D Foam Circles White Mixfor the gem and happy face. 
  8. After adding a few more accents like twine, a star, and ticket stub, the card is almost complete. I added the sentiment last. It is a congrats grad sticker on a punched piece of cardstock adhered to the card with, you guessed it, some foam squares! The sequins are the final touch, this card is ready for that grad! 

Here is a shot of the dimension that I keep talking about:

Graduatio Card  Shannon Morgan  Close up

 Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L®:

E-Z Runner® Grand Refillable Dispenser

3D Foam Circles White Mix 

E-Z Runner® Permanent Fine Adhesive Dispenser

3D Foam Squares White Mix

Have a great day!! Thanks for letting me share!